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  • Charges filed against Lind

    Wednesday Nov 26 | via The Fairfield Ledger 

    The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office has filed numerous charges against Tyler Craig Lind, 28, of Batavia, who initiated a high-speed chase with a Jefferson County Sheriff's deputy. Deputy Justin Smith responded to a complaint of someone spotlighting deer Nov. 23. Smith subsequently located a truck being driven by Lind, which matched the description in the report about the deer.


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  • Windsor man arrested in Iowa following alleged invol...

    Tuesday Nov 25 | via Windsor Now 

    A former Windsor man has been arrested in Jefferson County, Iowa, on Monday morning, about 30 hours after he was allegedly involved in a chase with sheriff's deputies, that ended with shots fired, according to a news release. The Jefferson sheriff's office arrested Tyler Craig Lind, 26, of Batavia, Iowa, about 8:15 a.m. Monday.


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Batavia Law

I'm from Illinois and I received an OWI for marijuana in Iowa. I'm just trying to keep my career from being jeopardized by this. Are there any plea agreement opinions besides OWI prosecutors are willing to accept to prevent reporting a DUI to Illinois? I can not lose my license due to a suspension right now!!!
Yes, it is mandatorily reported. Your license will automatically be revoked in IA, then an abstract will be sent to...
The officer never tested my drink, or breathalized me, but wrote me a ticket for possession of alcohol under the legal age
Hire a criminal defense attorney. The Find a Lawyer tab at the top of the page will allow you to search by practice...
i blew a .054 at a party and was told i could either go to court or pay it online
Who is PAULA and why did you receive her ticket? Before wondering if it will ever come off your record, why not retain...
All fines and terms were completed at the time. Not arrests or tickets since then.
Unfortunately, Minnesota currently does not allow DWI convictions to be expunged, although the attitude toward...
Last dui I had in Iowa was in 2011. I have a restricted drivers license with a breathalyzer in my car.
Due to the interstate compact, it is unlikely (read likely impossible) that you will be able to receive an unmodified...
hi all, I was arrested for DUI in Sept-13( my first and last arrest ), this is what i have in my Court disposition COUNT1:OFFENSE=DUI,PLEA:N/A , ADJUD:NOL-PROS (CODE 30) COUNT2:OFEFENSE=DUI-DAMGE TO PERSON OR PROPERTY,PLEA= NOLOCONTDRESTATE AMENDS TO RECKLESS ADJUD :WITH-HIELD COUNT3 : OFFENSE =CARELESS DRIVING ,PLEA= N/A ,ADJUD: DISMISSED DISPOSTION : $$ FINE AND 50 HR SOCIAL WORK AND DUI-SCHOOL COMPLETED My que is what are documents i need to carry for my visa interview , currently i don't have any other documents other than my disposition letter with me. any help will be appreciated
To be honest, I wouldn't leave the US and attend a visa interview with a drunk driving record. They are making it...
The sheriff didn't give me any tickets or take my license. I also called the Iowa dot and it is valid here. How do I get information about what is going on right now? Will I be able to not have jail time so I can keep my job? If jail time has to be served can it be done in Iowa on weekends?
Normally the prosecutor will mail out a formal complaint to the address on your driver'a license. If you took a blood...