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If he has blown positive for a BAC of .02 or above twice already will he most likely be going to jail once vasap reads it
My boyfriend has had the interlock device for less then a month
How much time can a person get for driving without liscense after being declared a habitual offender and a felon
History of drunk driving, driving without liscensesHabitual offender and felon.Got drunk driving ticket in August, was not driving when police came. Side swiped a parked car was not driving when police came Was sitting in car on private property. Got stopped again in August in Richmond,Va. for driving without liscense and habitual offender. Girlfriend drove to Richmond,but her eyes were getn blurry ,and she was scared she might run in the back of someone, and she doesn't know her way around Richmond,bu His sister asked to drop her off somewhere,so the girlfriend asked if he would drive to drop her off and she would drive from there.She just wanted to rest her eyes for a minute. Approximately how much time do you think he may get. he's currently in the Richmond cityjail.2months highcourt
He should consult with his attorney. There are guidelines, which all depend on specific factors of the person's...
If you are already enrolled in VAASAP and outpatient treatment for a first DUI at the time of court for a second DUI combine?
I got my first DUI about 2 months ago in Spotsylvania and pleaded guilty and now am in ASAP and have also been referred to an outpatient program on top of that. A month after getting the first DUI I then got a second one in Fredericksburg. I spent 33 days in jail having revoked my bond in Spotsylvania for getting arrested for the first. In the end, Spotsylvania only deducted 5 days from my jail time. My question is can Fredericksburg count the remaing time for my mandatory 20 days and does the outpatient and VAASAP carry over for the Fredericksburg charges as well? I am currently on pretrial services for the Fredericksburg charges including the AnyTrax motoring system. Fredericksburg let me bond out even though I had the Spotsylvania charges because I have epilepsy (and by the way had a seizure and was taken to the ER at the time of arrest). I have a complicated case and it's very frustrating when my court appointed has no time to discuss with me except for 5 mins before court. Any information would be helpful.
You need to address your concerns and questions with your lawyer. He or she is in the best position to give you answers...
What can I do to get my citizenship with 2 DUI a within the last 5 years ?
I m permanent resident from 2009 and I wanna apply for citizenship but I had 2 DUI s in my record , so what should I do ?
Two DUIs within the last five years will render you ineligible as lacking "good moral character", however, you may...
Do they give a UA at a DUI court review session for compliant, non-drug related defendants?
DUI First Offense. Pleaded guilty and have done all the Judge has asked of me so far. Going to my first DUI court review session and wanted to know if they do a UA in the actual court? No drug issues or offenses, still in pain from the accident my drinking caused and was going to take something for pain so I can be well rested for the review hearing in the morning. My next screening will be over a week from now when I go for treatment intake. No issues passing that one or previous ones I have had.
Is it possible that you could be urine tested in court? Yes it is possible (depending on the conditions of your...
Will my charges transfer to VA?
I got a DUI in MD with a BAC of .14 a few weeks ago and I'm a VA resident.
No. You are prosecuted in the jurisdiction where the offense occurred.
Would it be possible for me to go to his trial and what's the chance I'd have to testify?
Im a victim of drunk driving hit and run. I've been dealing with my injuries for almost 3 months now. CTs, X-Ray's, Rxs like crazy, 2 months of PT, neurologists, neurosurgeons, pain management, about to get trigger point injections, etc.... The guy was drunk as a skunk and rear-ended us so hard our car turned sideways at a stoplight. He looked at us and stomped the gas and took off. Cops caught up with him. He told both the cops and his insurance company he didn't remember anything. His insurance company didn't want to give me he jack squat so I now have the area's best personal injury lawyer handling everything. The guy has been charged with eluding, Dwi, and leaving the scene of an accident. He was arraigned and RORed shortly after arrest but his court date is in about a month.
Yes. you can go to whatever hearingshe this guy has scheduled. They are public hearings and you are free to attend....