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My husband has a restricted drivers license due to a dui, can he wait another year without an interlock and get a license?
My husband has had 1 DUI. He got suspended for a year and is now in a restricted license. We haven't been able to get him a vehicle to put the interlock in. But when we check the status of his license it says he's restricted and must have the interlock but he has a fulfillment date of October 2015. Can he just wait til the end of the date and get a normal license again without getting the interlock system? Or will he have to get an interlock no matter what? Thanks for the help!
I am not licensed in Kansas, but this question comes up quite a bit in California, where I am licensed. Usually, a...
Legal search or obstructing my constitutional rights? Investigated for DUI and contraband found, but not charged with DUI
I was recently pulled over for having a headlight out and a DUI investigation ensued. I was not charged with DUI but my vehicle was searched and the officer found marijuana and paraphernalia. I was charged with possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, and refusal to take a p.b.t. but not charged with DUI. My question is this, since I followed my rights of remaining silent and refusing onsite testing, did the officer have probable cause to search my vehicle based on "glossy eyes" and "scent of alcohol on breath" . The car was NOT impounded so it was not an inventory search. The officer ASKED if i wanted him to move the car. I asked if the car was in legal standing where it was parked and he told me it was. He then arrested me to take me to the station for testing andsearched.
Search and seizure issues are complicated and quite fact specific. An attorney cannot give an opinion based on only...
How can I find out someones criminal record? If he has two DUIs in different counties in Kansas and a child endangerment charge
I have to go to court because I filed for contempt on a child support order. My son's father lost his 1s job from a DUI and he had my son in the vehicle and got a child endangerment charge. Six years later he wrecks a company van and a urine test reveals marijuana. How can I get a copy of these charges? Is this something I can use in court against him? He always under reports his income when I file a change of circumstances so I am filing to get reimbursed for the medical and dental and percentage that he is responsible for. What exactly is the poverty adjustment on the worksheet referring to?
You need to hire a family law attorney to help you represent this. That or you could hire an investigator.
Is it possible to decrease the restricted driving period of 2 yrs with Ignition interlock device on a first DUI offense.
This is after completing 1 yr of license suspension on a first DUI charge and completing Diversion monitoring for a yr. I had refused to provide breathlizer sample leading to this arrangement.
You should contact your attorney that helped you on your case or contact the dmv.
Can a restricted Kansas license be transferred to California?
I received a DUI in December which I will be convicted. I am moving to California in mid-march. While moving , my license will remain valid and will be suspended in April for 3 months. After the suspension I will be able to get a restricted license with an Ignition Interlock Device that fulfills Kansas' requirements. But since I will be living in California I wonder what the best course of action would be. Should I just ride out my suspension and restriction in Kansas before I try to get a California license or will California allow my to get a restricted license there?
Driver's license questions can be very difficult to answer. Often times the DMV can be inconsistent, or one or two...
FTA for DUI in 1988 in Kansas
Back in 1980's, I was an ignorant youngster. Went to jail a few times for DUI. On the 3rd one, I served 90 days. For the 4th one, before going to trial, I bailed out, skipped town, and left the country. I am sure there was a bench warrant issued for my arrest. I quit drinking 20 years ago. Now I am coming back to the US. Would the arrest warrant from 1988 come back to haunt me?
Yes, it could. Consult with an attorney
My husband got his 2nd dui and weed charge how many days in jail will he have to serve and can he get probation
My husband got pulled over tonight on 3/31/2013
It depends on a number of factors, including his blood alcohol concentration, the amount of weed, if an accident was...