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If I had a accident in Feb 2014 have heard nothing, was told they are still waiting on blood long does this take?
Should I still be concerned whether they will charge me or not?
Until the statute of limitations for a DUI has run, you should be concerned, BUT in situations like this NO NEWS is...
What are the Penalties for DUI ?
Hello , I have been pulled over for driving less than the speed of minimum speed limit and eventually got caught for DUI. I am on a F1 visa. Could someone let me know the penalties for DUI and will I be deported back to my country. This is the first offence on my license history. how do i proceed with the case?
You need to hire an attorney ASAP. The management of your case and its disposition are important. Not to mention that...
How do I beat an unwarranted DUI charge?
I'm 36 no criminal or drug history, and a clean driving record minus a few speeding citations. A few days ago, around 5 pm, I was pulled over for speeding, which I was guilty of. I was accompanied by my 8 yr old daughter and 2 yr old grandson. After questioning my speeding, the officer insinuates that I'm drunk? I giggled and ask if he was serious, informed him that I don't drink. Questions continue about alcohol consumption, I of course deny any alcohol or illegal drug use. He asks me to step out of the car for a few tests... I abide. Before beginning he ask what drugs I was on. I explain to him that I took my prescribed adderall and allergy meds in the am, and a couple of ibuprofen a few hours ago for a headache. Ask what's adderall for, I explain for my Adhd. He proceeds with his sobriety tests, and then says I can get back in the car. After a few minutes he returns, states that I failed the first tests and would like me to repeat them. I ask why, he replied I didn't follow his directions? Which I can say I did to the best of my abilities! Being ADHD I explained it is hard to concentrate especially under stress! He has me repeat tests(which I pass twice) and then arrested me
Not at all uncommon. Best to hire the best. You can find. And you can find some of the best here on Avvo.
Can I be charged with DUI Refusal?
I was given a ticket for DUI refusal. The officer requested a breathalyzer. I complied. It's said the machine detected a substance other that ethanol or something like that. So the officer told me to wait about 30-45 minutes and try again. So I tried again and it read the same error message. So then the officer requested a blood test and I refused. So how can I be charged with DUI refusal if I blew twice?
The officer requested breath first then you didn't refuse. However, the prosecution would argue that you refused...
What I can do because my license was suspend when I was arrested on a probation violation from a pryor convention of a DUI.
I turn myself in cause I lose my Driving job cause a lose my license. And it was hard to get a regular job. So I told the probation officer I need to go and spend the rest of my time in jail. I haven't had a another violation.
I'm not sure that I understand the question here. If you no longer wish to serve your time on probation someone, maybe...
I got a DUI while on the diversion program, what could happen?
So I get off of the diversion program in a week or so l, I've completed everything, including my community service hours and 3 drug screenings. Last night I drank 4 light beers waited an hour to leave and proceeded on the way home. On my way home I dropped something on the floor board and looked on the ground to pick it up. Whenever I looked up from picking my phone up off of the floor board I appeared as though I was about to go in the other lane so I swerved a little bit. A cop was behind me and pulled me over immediately. I was asked to take a road side breath test and I said no. I passed the field sobriety test. The cop still took me back to the station where he breath tested me there. I blew a .015 which in Georgia is under the legal limit for minors. The cop still booked me for a DUI and took me to jail. I am 20 years old and turn 21 in 4 months is their anyway I could get this DUI dismissed or reduced and also will I be able to still complete the diversion program?
A DUI could certainly lead to you being kicked out of the diversion program. Furthermore, you need an attorney for the...
How likely is my DUI case to be reduced?
I am 20 years old. I was convicted of DUI Underage, failure to maintain lanes, and possession of alchohol by a minor. A first responder noticed my car "parked" on the left side of a dirt Road outside the city limits. I told The first responder that I had gotten stuck, and didn't have any cell service to call anyone. The first responder called the local sheriff's dept. and noted that he smelled alcohol. A GSP arrived later and have a field sobriety test. The officer said that I passed. I then blew a .07 on a breathalyzer. He then cuffed me and tool me to jail. I hired a senior dui lawyer from Atlanta to take my case. My lawer just moved my case to superior court to try and lengthen it until I am 21. I want to know what my chances of getting this charge reduced or dropped. (Besides what my lawyer says.)
Without having access to the police reports, video and other evidence, this question is impossible to answer. DUIs are...