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I was given a High Risk level III evaluation for my first DUI. I'm required to do 75 hours of treatment. I was given 2 years of court supervision. It has been about a month and a half. How long from the date of my sentencing do I have to be in treatment? I can't find the answer in any of my paperwork.
You should ask your case monitor, if you have one, for a deadline date. If not, ask your attorney.
I was given a level III (high risk) for my first DUI. I have to do 75 hours of treatment and 6 random drug tests. The judge said the treatment provider will give me the drug tests. I was smoking a lot of marijuana. If I went to treatment and came up positive for marijuana, but my THC levels are declining, will the court count them as failed drug tests and violate my supervision?
Really depends on the judge. If he or she thinks your screwing with them they can revoke your sentence and resentence...
My DUI case was transferred to DuPage county. The judge in Cook County told me my drug screens would be provided by my treatment provider but it doesn't say it on the paper any where. I have a serious problem urinating in front of people (I don't know why. It's been a problem since I was 15). They made me sign a refusal at the DuPage county court house because I couldn't go. I tried. I couldn't do it. What do I do? How can I get my drug screens from my treatment provider, like the judge said? This is a serious issue. I really don't want to go to jail just because I can't pee with some creep breathing down my neck. Has anyone ever heard of this problem?
Talk to your lawyer. Make an appointment with your primary care physician. There are several fixes for this and it is...
If your base privileges are intact and unrestricted you probably can. Employment is, however unlikely.
involved in accident. four tickets. dui failure to reduce speed. no lic. no insurance. I was covered at time of accident. I have a valid dl. I was taken to hospital in ambulance. I was given iv I was asked by the officers to submit to a blood test. I did
I have seen test results in six hours up to four weeks. Speak to a lawyer right now, and notify the insurer once you...
I am wondering about actually being convicted after being found guilty at trial, not court supervision. I know all situations are different but I'm looking for a rough estimate (no crash, .11 BAC, cooperative, no child in car, first time offender, previously perfect driving record, rarely ever drink). Does a revocation mean you cannot drive at all even with an MDDP/BAIID? Would a one year revocation start at the time of the sentencing, or at the time of the start of the summary suspension? It seems like the revocation is the biggest difference between court supervision and a conviction, is this accurate? If you believed that one of your clients had a 50/50 chance at trial, would you advise them to accept supervision?
Potential of 364 days and or a fine of $2500. Jail not likely for a first offense unless there are bad facts. You may...
Recently I received a 2nd DUI and want to try to collateral attack the 1st "guilty plea" DUI of 20yrs ago but was told since I had a lawyer at the time it was not an option. But due to the fact I showed up to court completely drunk, to where my lawyer advised me to not speak to the judge due to my intoxication, I am wondering if there can be a way to attack just the fact that I accepted a plea in such a state. Or is there anything I can do now 20yrs later to the lawyer still practicing for allowing me to do such a thing.
There is nothing you can do about your 20 year old DUI cnivuction.