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  • Bartlett police arrest man on burglary, theft charges

    Monday Sep 18 | via Daily Herald 

    Bartlett police arrested a former village resident Saturday on charges of burglary, theft and criminal trespass to residence, authorities said. Shawn R. Williams, 26, formerly of the 400 block of Timber Ridge Drive in Bartlett, was arrested in a backyard on his former block, according to police.


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  • Bartlett police arrest three for residential burglary

    Monday Aug 28 | via Daily Herald 

    Bartlett police Sunday arrested a woman, man, and a 16-year-old boy in connection with an early-morning residential burglary after the homeowner reported spotting one of them inside the house. The DuPage County State's Attorney's office charged 26-year-old Katherine Talbot, of the 100 block Bell River Drive in Millington, with a Class 1 felony for residential burglary and a Class 4 felony for criminal trespass to residence, and 20-year-old Vincent A. Perez, of the 300 block of Hollis Street in Kewanee, with a Class 1 felony for residential burglary.


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Bartlett Law

Why is Illinois suspending my license for an MIP diversion program I received in Michigan? Can I have them fix this?
The ticket listed my vehicle as involved, though the vehicle did not contain alcohol, nor were there keys in the ignition. As I am going to school in Michigan, I need my car to be able to commute (classes,work), go home, get groceries, etc. I contacted the court, which informed me this is a common problem with Illinois as they suspend the license just when they see the documentation. I have received the documentation showing the diversion sentence which I wonder if it could help in turning over the suspension? I was notified within just a week of suspension that I need to drive back to Illinois and turn in my license. I know I can apply for a permit for work and school driving, but my guess is that would take a lot of time to process. Would it be advantageous to apply for a driver's license in Michigan? Is there anything else I can do in this situation? This may seriously affect my academics as an engineering student. Thank You.
You produced an Illinois license or ID or address. Therefore you are subject to 625 ILCS 5/6-206 (a)(43). Supervision...
I received my Notice of that my IL license was suspended for being over .08 on 10/9/16. I had the BAID installed in December.
I had my court date on 12/28/16 whereby my case was reduced to Reckless. Is there a way to have court petition the Secretary of State to rescind the suspension? I know I am past the 90 days from the initial notice but court did not take place until December?
No. Just finish up on your MDDP. If you had a lawyer, ask why the PTR would not have been successful.
Received notice of license revocation for out of state dui then 2 days later got a notice rescinding that notice. I am confused.
I have an IL license and received a DUI in Indiana, blew .08 went to trial and was convicted. Judge sentenced probation and 6mo suspension. About 30 days after court I received notice from IL that license was to be revoked. 2 days later I get a notice saying that was rescinded. This is confusing, can someone help sort this out?
You probably need to contact the IL driver's license authority and speak to them about it..
Whether do I have chance to get CDL license after my DUI ,13 yrs.ago? (Illinois state)
It have happened in 2001, and my driver's licence was suspended for 6 months. My supervision process was done after 12 months.
You asked the identical question a few hours ago. Please go back and read the excellent answers you received. The...
Whether do I have chance to get CDL license after my DUI ,13 yrs.ago? (Illinois state)
It have happened in 2001, and my driver's licence was suspended for 6 months. My supervision process was done after 12 months.
It is extremely difficult to get a CDL with a DUI conviction. You should set up a consultation with a local DUI...
What is the license revoke period for a first DUI conviction but 2nd offense?
The law states first conviction is 1 year and second conviction is 5 year revocation. So If I received supervision and completed it successfully on my fist DUI does that count against me as a conviction causing the 2nd offense DUI conviction to tally to two convictions?
You need to understand first that revocations are forever. You are eligible to petition for restoration after one year....
How does the law define the difference between 1st DUI conviction or 3rd arrest/offense and related penalties?
I will be pleading guilty for Dui, no accident next month . I received supervision in 2011 for my first offense and completed it successfully. I had an arrest for a second Dui that was dismissed for the pullover, no trial in 2012. So here I stand with 3 arrests. one supervision one dismissed. No convictions. Now that I will plead guilty and be convicted for the first time how will the penalties apply? I am confused about offenses and convictions and how the law applies. There is a minimum jail time for 2nd offense and 5 years revoked in cook county for 3rd offense/ conviction along with a felony and jail time. What am I facing in this situation? I have little money to work with a reputable attorney and would like to be able to know what the likely sentence would be.
It always depends on the disposition. Based on your description, this is your second DUI. The dismissal does not...