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What effect does a DUI have on traveling abroad?
My wife has a DUI (lowest level offense in Minnesota) from 2 years ago. She is no longer on probation. We are wondering what countries may limit her entry or return. Thank you.
It depends on the county. You may have to do some online research and call the border agency for any country to enter....
DUI dropped, can I get it removed from DMV report?
I was arrested for a DUI last year, the charges were later dropped. I am now trying to drive for Lyft but got denied because the charge is on my DMV record. Is it possible to get this removed. I did have my license restricted for 1 year, I had the ignition interlock but that is over and my license has no restrictions now. I am also worried about finding other jobs but mostly concerned about it being on my driving record.
I doubt it. I don't know how the criminal charges were "dropped" but that has no bearing on the civil side of your...
I got my first DWI/DUI citation and I have a few questions from where to go from here?
This is my first ever traffic incident, I have a temp license for 7 days, last night I received my first DWI in MN. I blew a 0.14. Now I have tests and forms to fill at the DMV, a $680 fine, and my license will be suspended for 3 months. At the bottom of my Notice form I see "Request for Administrative Review", would this be the process to apply for a restricted license for the 3 months, or is the 3 month ban going to be mandatory? 2) Endangering Life or Property is unchecked on the citation where it says court would be required. Should I still call the number on the back to see if I have to go to court? Court would be something I'd want to avoid at all cost. 3) The internet says the average cost of a DWI is $10,000, does this happen via insurance, or did I just get lucky with a $680 fine? 4) Would this be something that ends up on my permanent record?
DUI charges present mandatory court in the state of Minnesota and you face up to 90 days in jail and a $1000 fine. The...
How can i be charged with criminal destruction when i got dwi.
Borrowed friends truck drove home the tire fell of hit parked car and house l. Got a dwi and also got charged with criminal damage to property. Is this charge a reach? I did not intend to damage anytime! The insurance is paying for damages
The prosecution believes they can prove you criminally damaged property because you were drinking and driving. You may...
How can i get my charges dropped for felony first degree tampering with a motor vehicle i went black out drunk?
I ended up getting black out drunk and hit a hammer into my exs window and apparently wrote c u n t on the car and pulled out the grill i dont remember any of it and i got proof it was her parents that called the police not her and she didnt really want to so what can i do and i later found out it wasnt just me so i want to find out what i can do i cant even recall if the coos read my miranda rights
Unless you were interrogated, the police don’t have to read your Miranda rights. The best piece of advice is to retain...
Got a dui about on December 14th 2017. Was just pulled over outta state working. Didn’t know I lossed my license everywhere. ?
Got a dui about on December 14th 2017. Was just pulled over outta state working. Didn’t know I lossed my license everywhere. And got a driving under suspension that I didn’t know about being suspended. Do you think my probation officer would let me off with a warning he’s pretty cool. Gotta call him tomorrow About this.
Perhaps but it may go a lot easier if you are able to negotiate the DUS/DUR away with the help of a criminal defense...
Got charged with 4th degree DUI first one, Can i beat or can I get the charges lowered?
I was going to my brothers work to pick him up and literally a 30 sec before I get there one of the two friends in the car put his head out the roof top without my knowledge. We got pulled over andthe officer asked me questions I answered. Then got told to step out the car and did some testing, im confident I did well on them but the officer said I failed all of them and when I asked him what I blew he didn't let me know. At the station I asked again still didn't tell me. I took the breathlyzer at the station and blew .14 and then the officer asked me how much I drank I told them i took one shot I'm a college student about to graduate. What are my chances?
The chemical test is very rough for you as you are nearly double the legal limit. You should consult with an...