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Will DSS continue my case?
Was pulled over for driving under suspension and caught with simple possession of marijuana and a controlled substance with my son in the car with me. DSS has come in and removed my child from my home and I am to have no contact with him. It has been 26 days into their investigation. I failed a drug test last week but I am sure to pass from here on out and am willing to take a drug test weekly through axis 1 to prove I am clean. I don't know if that one failing will cause for the case to be founded and continued or if me passing the drug test weekly will end the case. I am also not sure if I need to hire an attorney or wait until the 45 days are up.
You would be well advised to retain a criminal defense attorney who is knowledgeable about working DSS cases, as you,...
In SC, if the breathalyzer trips off, a retest is done and malfunction is never reported to SLED, is reading allowed in court?
The Datamaster breathalyzer was in use on a DUI suspect and in the middle of the testing it just locked up for no apparent reason. Operator restarted, did the test, got the BAC reading but violated SLED procedures by not reporting the malfunction to SLED. No repairs or inspections are documented in the SLED database in regards to this malfunction nor were there any status code messages..
This should all be on video. Have your attorney review the Datamaster room video and file a motion to suppress.
Military DUI can I fight it? And will this affect me civally or will it stay in house?
I was coming home from a friends house, when I was less than a mile from my military housing I was pulled over for "Failure to maintain lane" although there are no lanes or markers on the street in out housing. I was then taken into the station for the breathalyzer where it did not work. I was then transported to another location where that breathalyzer also did not work. Finally at the 3rd place after about 3 hours I took the breathalyzer where I blew a .14.
Are you active duty? Request your representation if base police arrested you. It will be reported to DMV and hit your...
Is it likely that I will be extradited from South Carolina to nevada for a misdemeanor dui?
Got arrested In nevada for misdemeanor dui got out on an or lost my job which is why i was in nevada. I had enough money to get back to my state of residents so i did not check in with the court i just came home where i can work and settle this
I believe this has been asked and answered. Yes, you can be extradited for leaving the state without the Court's...
Can I be extradited from South Carolina to nevada for a misdemeanor dui?
I was arrested for a misdemeanor dui the conditions of my release were 2 aa meetings a week 1 check in at the court house a week an alcohol sensing bracelet with 2 check ins a week all during working hours I lost my job because of this so I came home to South Carolina
Yes. You cannot just choose to relocate or do what you want. You should have informed your parole office or whatever...
Can I reopen a dui case?
I was pulled over after hitting a median. I did not blow but did not perform well on the field test, and did have an attitude with the officer. My attorney insisted on pleaing down to a DUAC even though it was my first offense with no previous tickets. I felt that I was poorly represented. My attorneys son had died and he had to send his wife to a rehab out of the country for months and I just feel that he was not thinking clearly. I have consulted with many other dui attorneys after the conviction trying to understand why we went this route. A duac is the same as a dui so why would he do that? Is it possible to reopen this case? It was closed in October.
Unlikely. You are outside the appeal time or any other action to attack the verdict here, to which you agreed anyway....
Is it legal for someone to administer drugs if not aa RN or Doctor with a purpose to cause death.?
My father died at home under the care of hospice. My step mother gave him the drugs that were left there by hospice. It's called "A Comfort Kit" left there by hospice. In this kit is are the drugs Aleve, Adivan, Atropine and Morphine administer every 3 hours. I would like to bring charges if possible.
If you think charges are warranted, bring them. With hospice approval, family members can be trained to administer to...