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Father not working due to DUI and needs to suspend support. I am unemployed and want to consider jobs outside NJ. (joint custody
My daughter's father lost his job in April 2008. I picked up the tab for her health insurance at that time. He got a DUI and had license suspended in Oct 2008. I picked up tab for driving her to and from his house for visitation, except for a few $20s for gas, for the last (almost) 2 years. He has filed a motion for suspension of support because his unemployment ran out this April and he can't get a job. He's a mechanic and needs a license for work. I am also unemployed but have a BA and would like to get back into College Administration. There are jobs in lots of states that I can apply to and hopefully get one to support my child. Our circumstances would definitely improve compared to now. Can I do this in NJ?How? He is resistant. Hearing is in June. We have joint custody. I am custodial
This is not a DWI question, but rather a family law question. I would immediately start looking for an attorney who...
Is it possible to get my license back early from a dui in nj?
2 years ago i was charged with 2 seperate duis (about a week apart). Since I havent driven since it was suspended, would I be able to get my license back early/get at least one of the duis lifted? the first one it was suspended for 7 months and the second one it was suspended for 2 years
There is no way to get your license back early for a DWI in NJ. However, if you feel that you have a claim for post-...
How do I go about taking the IDP, years since mandated. Thought it was normally simultaneously or prior to 16 week program.
Court mandate I was convicted with a DWI on June 15th, 2011 by Toms River NJ court. They mandated me to fulfill the out of state DUI offender requirements packet within a 6 month time frame of my conviction. These requirements were to attend my state of residence’s certified DUI educational program and to receive alcohol and drug treatment via a certified clinician in my state a minimum of 16 weeks. In the requirements packet it stated that it was my responsibility to bring the packet to my education and treatment appointments to ensure that their agency is able to provide the appropriate education and treatment required by the state of New Jersey. They reviewed the paperwork and affirmed that they do provide these requirements. I signed up and Completed Treatment and education according to their agency. NJ DMV ended up sending me a restoration notice conditional to me attending and completing an IDP. Being that it was after the initial time frame that the court had required me to take the IDP, they kept on giving me a run around. after many days and weeks sitting on hold and getting no where I gave up. Fast forward to now. NY wont restore license till is resolved. Thanks
Sounds like you may have to go back to the municipal court to get another court order to take the IDP/IRDC classes again.
After a DUI, can I be forced to pay for weekly IDRC alcohol tests for 16 weeks if I am not a regular drinker?
I made a very big mistake in deciding to drive after having had too much to drink. No accident, no property damage. I was stopped and convicted of dui. I paid my court costs, I lost my license, I pay a monthly surcharge, I went to the 48 hour IDRC program. I also went for evaluation as directed by IDRC. Because alcohol is not even a minor part of my life, I know I have no addiction. I was told I could have an "extended evaluation" where I would be called at random four times. If I tested positive for alcohol at all, I would have to do the 16 weeks of counseling at my own expense. Not a problem. Then I was told they weren't going to do this. Though I didn't need counseling, I would have to be tested once a week for 16 weeks again, at my own expense. Is this legal? Or a money scam?
It is legal. I have my doubts about it as well. I believe there is provision of independent testing. To get 48 hours on...
Am i allowed to bring pen/pencil and paper up when i am on the stand
in municipal court
Having them is your pocket is fine, but taking them out may not be. Your lawyer will have to ask the judge and request...
DUI's in NJ are not considered misdemeanors, but what will the state of California classify them as?
Will the offenses for the DUI's I received in NJ be re-classified and show up as misdemeanors in CA? Or will CA keep their status as only traffic offenses?
You need to ask a California attorney that question or call the California DMV to see how it will transfer from NJ.
Is a DUI a felony?
I have one DUI
No,it's not a crime, it's a motor vehicle offense. It is not something that would show up on a criminal background...