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Can a dui charge hold for .07 bac? Williamsburg Va
was arrested blowing a .099 on scene ( officer said that couldnt be held against me in court as only the one at the station would count.) At the station I blew .07 but was still arrested and charged. Now I have to spend money to hire a lawyer even though I was below legal limit. Can I get this thrown out? I dont want it on my record. I am 145 lbs and had one drink on an empty stomach about an hour prior. The officer, who was in the parking lot of the bar, followed me out of the parking lot to the 7/11next door to thebar. He approached me for a brake light issue as I got out of my car at 7-11 parking lot. Can a .07 stick? Can I get this dismissed? Do I have to hire an attorney? seems wrong I should have to pay to dismiss a charge when under legal limit.
Yes, you can be convicted of DUI / DWI in Virginia even though your breath alcohol test result was 0.07. There are...
How can I get a charge removed?
I have a misdemeanor leaving the scene/accident charge 5 years ago that is now preventing me from getting a job even though it is irrelevant to the job duties in many cases. I need to find out how to get that removed to increase my employment chances. 2 days ago I was arrested for DUI and below legal limit and have that to fight now. With an interview next week I also need to know if the employer will be able to find out about that arrest for which I have not yet gone to court.
The removal of a charge and/or of a conviction (traffic and/or criminal) is generally referred to as "expungement."...
Can an officer enter, possess and operate your vehicle without your consent.
Upon deciding to arrest me and placing in the patrol car, the officer told my friend to exit my vehicle and then the officer took possession of my vehicle and drove my car to another point in the parking lot to move it to a new space. He would not allow my sober passenger to move the car and did not attempt to have it towed. He simply took my keys, entered my car and operated my vehicle without my permission or without asking for my permission. I never authorized him to enter my vehicle or to take possession of and/or operate my vehicle at any time. Was he within riights to do this rather than having my friend move the car, leave it there or have it towed?
It is common for the police to do this. It is even more common for them to make your passenger get out and then have...
I was charged with dui and was not in car when police arrive to accident scene Or near car.My wife at time said I was driver
But will not testify against me in court is this beatable With a court appointed lawyer.. car was in ditch I was waiting for help while driver left to get help
You should contact a criminal defense attorney for a consultation. He or she will need more facts. Avvo has a tool to...
What to do when stopped for a DUI or stopped at a checkpoint?
During a DUI stop or Checkpoint, am I required to perform field sobriety test? Or can I say that I won't do any test or answer any questions without a lawyer being present? I know that license and registration, of the driver, must be presented when stopped, just not sure about the field sobriety test. Thank you in advance.
The general rule is that the officer at the checkpoint must observe or sense something that indicates the driver is...
Do I still need to take VASAP in order to retrieve my license?
Last year in May I was charged with poss. Of marijuana and was ordered to VASAP. If I failed to take the class within the 6months my license was suspended, and was ordered back to court, but was held in contempt for being late, and the case was finalized, do I still have to take VASAP or anything to get my license back?
It sounds like you were in the first offender program, failed to complete the terms for dismissal so a conviction was...
I need help with a DWI. Experience with ignition interlock preferred.
-Document requirements for ignition interlock removal? -Specifically where to show up and at what time? -Any further details on the process would be helpful. -Your charge for representation on that day?
Unfortunately this site does not allow solicitations. You will need to reach out directly to attorneys who practice...