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If you have been charged with a refusal can you apply for a conditional license in NY?
I was charged with a DWAI, and a refusal in NY. Am I still eligible to receive conditional driving privledges in NY?
No, you are not eligible for a conditional license, but if you win at the DMV refusal hearing, you will get your...
My lawyer died, he was putting in a 30 30 motion for a dwai. I passed out driving. Now have PD, can this be dismissed?
I was sober 9 months at the time. I am now sober 2 years 5 months. I worked out for the first time in 4 years and over did it. I took a soma around 9pm. I was meeting my friend to go to Zumba class. As tired as I was up all night with Charlie horses. I brought my bathing suit if it was to much, I would go into Jacuzzi. All I remember was driving, then waking up in hospital. I had been arrested for DWAI drugs. After 5 months the blood work came back with the soma in it which is prescribed to me, which after the accident I through out and I don't take it anymore. I have a bad back, I was in 2 accidents 10 months apart and have Rhematoid Arthritis. The blood work also said I had Meprobamate in my system which I have never taken before. I found out that Soma metabolizes through your liver as Meprobamate. I googled it and I printed from 3 different sites to show Judge on the 20th of Nov. I am hoping the case will be dismissed being I never took this drug. When my lawyer was alive he said something about a 30 30 motion, that because the court adjourned 3 times it should be dismissed. Now with the PD I'm nervous.
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Will I be charged with a dwi 2 months later based on hospital blood tests that were not ordered by the police?
I was moving my car in my driveway and I hit another car. I never left my property but the neighbor called the police who wrote an accident report. I wasn't charged with anything. An ambulance took me to hospital to X-ray ankle. Blood tests showed that I was above legal limit. I don't think the police asked for my hospital reports. My insurance company covered the other car, since mine had no damage. I've received 4 bills totaling $9000 for medical. Is it possible that the insurance company will alert the police of my blood tests when I submit the bills? The medical adjuster sent me forms to fill out and I'm sure she'll get medical results. Will she inform police and can police now charge me.?
Although theoretically possible, this is highly unlikely. The insurance company is not some kind of a "mandated...
Is the roadside breathalyzer admissable in court for a DUI in NYS?
Was pulled over for speeding and given a DUI ...refused chemical testing
No, the pre-screen breath test (PBT) is not admissible on the People's case in chief but it is admissible at a probable...
Is the roadside breathalyser admissable in court in NYS?
was pulled over for speeding and given a DUI ...also refused chemical testing
It can be admissible if a proper foundation is laid. There are many lower court cases on this and a few Appellate...
If you hold a NYS license and were convicted in NJ of a dui will it show up when an abstract is run when applying work in FL
I am retiring to Florida yet still want to work part time, I received a DUI in NJ not NYS. Will it show up on an abstract run?
Did your New York license get suspended as a result of your NJ DUII? If you apply for a Florida license, Florida will...
Can I refuse a drug test at my home ,that was made by accusations from a call .a revenge call.
Yesterday CPS had showed up at my door with the cops demanding that I give them a drug test because there was accusations made I was abusing heroin and my depression medication and whoever made these accusations also heard that the paramedics were here 2 weeks ago and had to use Narcan on me .which is true. they don't know if i had a seizure or overt does that night cuss the day prior and months prior I have been having seizures on a regular basis but never ever have been drug-related.i never had CPS in my life before. so I'm curious of what happens if I refuse. the first drug test.i know who did it .it was revenge
If you refuse a drug test expect cps to try and take your kids. You might want to get a lawyer.