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My friend is has applied for new DPS fingerprint card for a job as Family Support Specialist. He was convicted of DUI in 2006, he has restriction on his driver's license but he believes that it should be cleared by now since it is now over 7 years. Can he get a clean fingerprint card now?
Easiest way to get some guidance is by contacting an attorney in his area, so that he can proceed accordingly. What's...
I received a dui while iv been down here. We are down here for medical reasons and will be leaving back to Canada. I won't have the money to come back what will happen is there anything I can do. And will this dui follow me to Canada. Please help
Unfortunately, there are statutorily minimum penalties for a conviction of any DUI conviction and Arizona has some of...
in May of 2008 I was pulled over for a DUI in KS. All my criminal penalties have been taken care of. My Kansas DL was Suspended for one year and restricted for 4 years which ends in December of this year. I was required to carry a interlock device for the restricted period. My problem is my truck was taken back by the bank because i fell behind on payments due to the place where i worked closing down and a series of temp jobs that were not perment employment. So i quit paying the Company for the interlock device in febuary of 2014. I would really like to know if there is anything I can do to at least get a hardship or go back and fourth to work DL as it would open up many more opportunities to help me become a productive member of society .
If you are not license eligible in KS, I do not believe you are license eligible in AZ.
I was charged in Kansas back in 2008 for a DUI and was sentenced to a 1 year suspended license and 5 years with an ignition interlock. I moved to AZ in 2012 and continued with the ignition lock. At the end of 2013 I got rid of my car and was unemployed for several months. I am not looking to buy another vehicle and need to finish out my sentence. Do I go through the state of AZ to reinstall another device and how would I have to get a restricted license through AZ?
Call up Kansas DMV and indicate to them you have no intent o drive in Kansas anymore. Call AZ and apply for a license...
As a home owner Am I liable for injuries sustained by a guest on my property from a physical altercation with another guest resulting in two teeth knocked out and multiple stitches. The victim was seen grabbing the younger guest by the shirt and yelling at him for allegedly taking beer from his cooler. The younger guest said he felt intimidated and scared and that he punched the victim out of need to defend himself . The one guest was only days away from his 21 birthday. The older guest late 40's. I did not supply any alcohol and it was actually the injured parties wife who unknowing to me started giving alcohol to the younger guest. Am I liable for the drunk attackers excessive medical and dental bills. I did not even see the altercation. Only both sides of story plus several witnesses.
On Avvo we can't be the umpire. A case here exists and the process will have to play out. If you have homeowner...
I was arrested for dui spice..and admitted to the officer I used..does that mean im going to be prosecuted?
Can you be prosecuted for driving with spice in your system? Yes. Will you be? Probably, but not enough info listed for...
I was pulled over and admited to using spice...will I be convicted..just for admitting to using spice to the officer...I have a lawyer also
If you have a lawyer that is the person who should give you legal advice. That is the person who best knows the facts....