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  • Yucaipa woman accused of stealing from vehicle, post...

    Thursday | via San Bernardino County Sun 

    YUCAIPA >> A woman shown smiling in her booking photo is accused of shattering a vehicle's window and taking a purse and other items from inside, San Bernardino County sheriff's officials said. “Detectives believe there may be other victims and are releasing photos of the suspect vehicle and her booking photo,” according to a sheriff's news release.


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  • Suspect arrested in fatal shooting of Banning woman

    Wednesday May 3 | via The Press-Enterprise 

    Ernest Ralph Granados Jr., 26, was arrested May 4 on suspicion of killing a 21-year-old Banning woman in March in Beaumont. Courtesy of Beaumont Police Department A Beaumont man was arrested Wednesday, May 3, in the fatal shooting of 21-year-old Jasmine Zuniga on March 4. Ernest Ralph Granados Jr., 26, was taken into custody after Beaumont police served search warrants in Banning related to the killing, according to a Beaumont Police Department news release.


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  • Fatal stabbing is second such crime at Riverside TGI...

    Monday May 1 | via The Press-Enterprise 

    A Riverside TGI Fridays where a 2009 fatal stabbing led to a $40 million judgment against the corporation and the restaurant's owner was again the site of a deadly knife attack Sunday, April 30. Denzel Cooley, 25, of Riverside, was arrested on suspicion of murder after Jermaine Horn, 34, of Riverside, died from injuries he suffered outside the restaurant at the Galleria at Tyler, Riverside police said. Cooley was being held at Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility in Banning in lieu of $1 million bail.


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  • Suspects sought in Banning bicycle drive-by

    Thursday Apr 27 | via The Press-Enterprise 

    Banning police officers are seeking two suspects who shot at a person on Wednesday, April 26, but missed him and hit a home instead, according to officials. The incident happened shortly after noon in the 3100 block of W. Jefferson Street, according to a Banning police news release.


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Banning Law

I am a 1st time offender and blew a .17 and got a dui and driving with no license. What will i be facing at my court date?
I was recently arrested for a dui and having no license. I did do a breathalyzer test when i was pulled over and once again at the station. I blew a 0.17 i believe. Now im just curious on what im facing.
You're facing three charges, 2 DUI charges and the driving without a license charge. On the DUI, you're looking at...
Is there a chance I will do less then the court ordered 45 days in jail for a 3 dui?
3rd dui in riverside county. Attorney got the 3rd one drop to a wet and reckless no accidents accured and low bac for the last 2
Ask your lawyer. If you were sentenced to 45 days, you'll do about 22.
Are there any alternatives for community service? Paying more in fines for example?
For a first time DUI and car collision. I'm currently dealing with the Orange County court and one of my court orders was to complete cal trans community service. I was wondering if maybe I went back and requested that I could pay more in fines would I be able to eliminate the community service? Or anything else?
You might be able to buy your way out of community service in OC where money talks. Have you contacted the attorney...
How much jail time will I be facing if I'm not granted the extension for my community service?
reFor my first DUI charge. First charge on my record period. I'm terrified of going back to jail. Although my circumstances have been tough, I don't know how lenient I should expect the judge to be.
It depends on how strict the DA and the judge are, as well as your excuse for not getting your hours done on time. I've...
How do I request an extension to complete my community service for the West Justice Court in Orange County?
My deadline is approaching soon and I can't find any numbers to talk to an actual clerk. I'm being directed to every automated service and also can't find anything online to help me.
You could always go there in person.
Code 53150 Banning. I got a DUI a year and half ago. I just now got a letter asking for $324.00 within 3 weeks.
This code states something regarding emergencys need to be paid back. It wasn't an emerg. I over steered a turn on a slippery road and got stuck in the dirt/mud and had to be towed out, another person that saw this was the one that called the police or 911 NOT me. I am low income status, very low less than $900 mo. Do I just go in and asked to be put on calendar and ask for this to be reconsidered? I am 61 and have no retirement or pension, single, in low income senior mobile home park. Thank you
This is a cost recovery section when the police responded to the call of you being stuck it's considered an emergency...
Are DUI charges more severe if you move to trial opposed to a plea in court? I'm represented by a P.D who advised against trial
DUI arrest in June 2012, CHP video shows no traffic violations as documented on police report or supporting officers testimony about the reason to stop, however judge denied our motion and advised the prosecuting attorney to offer a "wet wreck less" since the video shows driving properly and no traffic violations (no priors, 1st DUI charge) if faced by a jury. Is it possible to argue against the "pulling over" in trial or was that my one opportunity at fighting these charges? BAC was .13 through blood test and .12 on breathalyzer )and probably why P.D doesn't want to proceed to trial. Advice is appreciated.
Follow the P.D. s advice. Trial outcomes are uncertain whereas in a plea you can somewhat control your outcome.