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How do I fix my dui in another state. That I don't live in or will ever return too.
I had a MN DL. Got a DUI in ME. Left the state with plans of never returning. Well they put a hold on my license/revoked. I took the written test an the DUI in MN. But the state of Maine said I must return and take a 2 week course. Before they will let me get my MN license back. There must be some other way around this. Who can pay for plane tickets an take two weeks off work. This has been over 10 years ago. Please help
I believe that you misunderstood what you were told. You can take the comparable Minnesota program. Call Maine's Driver...
I was charged with OUI for my legal prescription drugs (not narcotics). Is it possible to drop this to Reckless Driving?
I also received a summons for endangering the welfare of a child, because I had my newborn son in the car with me when I was arrested for the OUI. And finally, I received a third summons for leaving the scene of an accident. Let me just clarify--the OUI charge is not from alcohol or illegal drugs, but from on of my prescription medications that I had taken, I took both my morning dose together with my evening dose because I was worried what might happen if I missed a dose. I'm just wondering if this charge can be dropped down to a reckless driving charge? They won't provide me with a court-appointed attorney here because I make too much money $19K. But I need to know if there's any way around that OUI charge. And can I try to make a plea bargain with the D.A. without a lawyer?
Your best course of action contact a local attorney, either by email or phone, who will protect you and your rights....
If you take a breath test and pass and then refuse a drug urine test is that the same as a refusal in Maine
Took a breath test and passed later at police station I was asked to take a urine test at which time I asked I was required to take it and I asked a couple of other questions at that point the officer walked out said too late. Does this mean I refused it?
They will probably say that you refused. You should get an attorney if you were charged with a DUI offense.
Will a civil violation for illegal possession of alcohol show up on a record?
I was caught drinking underage the other night at a college. It was my first offence of any kind and my first time even having alcohol. I was given a civil violation ticket and instructed to call a number and pay a fine or go to the court date on the ticket. The officer recommended paying the fine. My friend was with me and mentioned he wouldn't be able to become a cop now. The officer said that is not true and that this wont show up on job applications or anything. I am just curious to know how I should handle this and where it may show up in the future. Thank you.
I am curious about the "civil violation" ticket. The violation by you will not show up on a job application. It may...
Should I try to beat my OUI case in trial or settle for Driving to Endanger?
Out of state, First offense, no aggravations. Cannot afford Expert for intoxilyzer. Low test result.
This is a loaded question. In my opinion, no lawyer on AVVO can tell you whether to try your case or resolve it by a...
Can an officer add charges to an existing summons?
Can an officer add charges to an existing summons, if so how long does he have to do so??
An officer might secure a search warrant, obtain the results of your hospital blood work and issue you another summons...
Can I get out of an OUI charge?
Facing an oui charge. Blew a .09 after the officer failed to administer the test two different times. At one point he left the room for about 1 minute to get help from another officer. Once he returned he was able to get an actual reading. I've read that the a breathalyzer must be turned on and warmed up before the testing can occur and that was not the case. I've also read that the officer must monitor the person being tested 20 minutes before administering the test. Again, the officer left the room leaving me alone with a friend, just before getting the reading they wanted. Is there anyway I can get the charge reduced to something like wreckless driving or possibly get the charge lifted all together? Thanks for the help!!
Anything is possible if you are willing to proceed to trial. There are certain protocols that must be followed when an...