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Incompletion of program can i get an exstention ,to complete my class and to find a class closer to my house since i lost ,my jo
can i get a drug class exstention if i haven't been in a month due to me losing my job, and my vehicle, and can i transfer to a DUI class thats closer to where i live
It sounds as though you are talking about a drug class that has been Ordered by the Court. You should certainly try to...
How much will it roughly cost to have an attorney get my record expunged? And can the second DWI be expunged?
I am interested in getting my record expunged. I have a misdemeanor drunk in public and a DWI (probation) then I received a 2nd DWI after I had completed my probation for the 1st DWI (didn't violate probation for the 1st DWI) was found guilty for the 2ND DWI and was sentenced to 30 days in jail. these events took place nearly 10 years ago.
Unfortunately, DWIs cannot be expunged. The statute specifically precludes drinking and driving offenses from expeungement.
Does the alcohol restriction only pertain to driving? Can businesses deny me service because of this alcohol restriction?
Back in 2012, just about 4 years ago, I plead guilty to a DUI. This occurred while I was fairly young, and in college, and I have since certainly made sure to never get behind the wheel after drinking ever again. I'll include that I'm now also a highly functioning, productive member of society, with strong morals and integrity, who made a young, dumb mistake many years ago. After having my Maryland State driver's license suspended, it was reinstated with a code J "alcohol restriction". I am eligible to have the restriction removed in another 6 months. A select few bars/alcohol vendors have denied me service because of this alcohol restriction, however I was under the impression that this restriction simply meant that I could not operate a vehicle with any amount of alcohol in my system, but had nothing to do with the purchase of alcohol. It is a pretty embarrassing event when I am out with friends, and I am rejected entry into a bar because of this restriction. God forbid, if I was on a date with a girl, and was denied a glass of wine because of this restriction.
Businesses can deny anyone service, as long as they do not violate specific discriminatory prohibited reasons. While...
Why is my CDL A banned for a Lifetime
I got a DUI in a civilian car in 2010 or 11 my first one. In the court of law I received a ppj. I went to get my CDL A back in March 2015 and was notified that my CDL had a Lifetime Ban
CDL have more strict guidelines than just regular licenses. You should contact the licensing authority and see if there...
How screwed am I?
Am on for dui and am also going through a rough breakup...had far too much to drink last night and when I went to leave this morning obviously failed the interlock multiple times. Allegedly Guardian doesn't report to my p.o. but am wondering if I should lawyer up asap. Thank you
You should consult with an attorney. If you are on the interlock for the one year as an administrative sanction for...
I have gotten 1DWI in 40 years. The judge ordered a lifesaver machine be put on my truck for 6 months.
My 88 year old mother called me and said she was hurt,fell down and unable to get up.I had been drinking but jumped in my truck And drove there asap. I got pulled over. Got DWI. My lawyer isn't doing a thing. Won't return my calls etc..
You have an attorney representing you so you should be directing all questions to your attorney. I assume that the...
DUI and Insurance. When does the company become aware?
Months ago I was charged with DUI/DWI in MD. I am currently serving a license suspension for 90 days without revision, as sentenced at the DMV hearing by an administrative judge. My date for district court is still a few months away. Is the auto insurance company aware of the suspension? Or will they be notified after court results? If so, does the ruling have to be a conviction for them to ascertain? Would a probation before judgment ruling make a difference? I humbly thank you in advance.
I'm guessing you did not have a lawyer at your MVA hearing? If this is your first DUI you should get a PBJ at worst,...