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In the state of north Carolina if you get a dui, what happens if your classes aren't completed by the one year marker?
I blew a .09 did 24hrs of community service, was on supervised and unsupervised probation. all my fees and fines have been paid but my classes aren't finished. and my assessment is also done. will they really suspend my license indefinitely?
Yes. You are required to do certain things before getting your license back - namely finish the classes - in order to...
I have a pending DWI, and it is my first criminal offense. Is there such thing as first offender status?
DWI in Jackson County Also charged with a reckless (there was an accident) I have a background in mental health and want to be able to be employed and am worried about background searches, etc. How much does my police statement at the time of the arrest matter?
DWI are very serious offenses in which you should consult an experienced DWI attorney in the county where you are...
If I wait 7 years after a DUI Level 5 conviction, would I still need ignition interlock and pay higher insurance and other fees?
First offense, Level 5, no criminal activity since, employed.
If you are convicted of a dwi where BAC is .15 or greater, ignition interlock will be required for North Carolina...
Can you get out of a 1st time DWI in N Carolina ? Blew a . 09
My daughter had a few drinks and wrecked her car . No one else was involved . She was driving on a unfamiliar road and went around a corner to fast and rolled her car . They didn't do a roadside sobriety test nor take her to the hospital . She had a Pa drivers license but the fined her for not having a NC license . She's called several lawyers and they all say she can't get out of a DWI in NC . Even though she has a clean record . They want to charge her 3000 which don't make since if she's still gonna be charged
That's really a loaded question. Whether or not you can "get out" of a DWI depends on the facts and particular...
Can my D.W.I be reduced to reckless driving?
I blew a .15 but its my first D.W.I. The courthouse denied my right to a witness and gave me water to drink and told me it would help me with my test. The arresting officer is also my Brother-in-law, who is well aware I do not like his brother or their family. I was not told why I was pulled over, and was also told I passed all the tests the officer gave. I have since started a non-profit transport shuttle to reduce the number of D.W.Is in my county (which are alarmingly high) I am a college student and cant really afford a lawyer unless I know it will be worth it, does anyone think I have a chance to get it reduced to reckless driving?
First of all in many jurisdictions Reckless Driving actually carries as many if not more points than DWI. I can't...
Will I be able to reinstate my FL DL after a DUI in GA in 2009?
I just went to court and finally handled my DUI. My Florida licensed expired in 2012 & I have not driven since. I actually live in North Carolina and was going to apply for a NC license after I finish DUI school and have my driving ban lifted in GA. I just recently did a driver's license check in FL and realized that my license in FL is revoked/due to the DUI. Want to know if FL will accept the 16 hour certificate class that I take in NC & if I will be able to get my license reinstated there. I am not certain if I can apply for a license in NC if I have a suspended license in another state. Thank you for your help.
Most states inflict DL suspensions and/or restrictions on the holder of a state DL when they receive a DUI/DWI in any...
I got a dui in north Carolina in 2003 and got put on probation I elected to bypass probation and serve my prison term.
Since then I had gotten several DWLR to tickets, which I have just recently had handled. So I go to DMV to reinstate my license and they tell me I have to complete dwi assessment. That was part of my probation which I elected to bypass and severe my time in prison. Should I still have to do the assessment since it was part of my probation terms or should I be able to get my drivers liscense with time severed.
You may have elected to serve active time, but with a DWI conviction in NC, you're still required to have an assessment...