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What happens if i have copd and cannot blow into a breathalizer?
I got stopped but could not blow because of copd dui
Were you charged with refusal because you were unable to produce an adequate breath sample or did you tell cops of your...
What happens when you have copd and can't blow into a breathalizer?
Sounds like a defense. No one can predict or crystal ball the outcome of any case--especially on one partial sentence...
I was recently charged with dwlr dui revocation and want to know if a pjc is the way to go?
My license are already suspended until 2017. I was only driving to work to support my son. I am a single father. I have been convicted of two dui's which the charge date was over a year apart but was convicted on the same day hints such a long suspension. Never been convicted of dwlr and have never used a pjc. I need to get my license back as soon as possible so I can get my life back on track for my son.
Consider hiring a local DUI lawyer to see if there is anything that can be done to reinstated your license.
Would hiring a lawyer instead of court appointed help me if I just got ticket for 3rd DWI but 2nd was 7+ years ago
Not a blow number on ticket and papers said I refused to blow while at the jail, but it was that I could not blow as I was so upset crying and hyperventilating and I did not physically say that I refused test.
I suggest that you hire an attorney that has experience handling DWI cases. Many court appointed attorneys are very...
I got a ticket for a dui but but the judge threw it out of court, It is still on my public record. Do I have to expunge it and h
The judge determined that the highway patrol had taken a comment I had made to him personal and dismissed my case. I looked myself up online and the dui is still there. I was not charged What can I do to get it taken off my record? Thank you , in advance.
It is very difficult to get an arrest off of your record. The circumstances under which your case was apparently...
How much jail time and fines is one facing for possession of marijuina upto a 1/2 oz, failure to appear on a level 5 dwi from...
failure to appear in nc on a dwi in 2003 level 5, and failure to appear on a wreckless driving to endanger in 2010 all in the state of north carolina
Possession of Up to 1/2 Ounce of Marijuana is a Class 3 misdemeanor. This means it can carry a sentence of up to 20...
Western North Carolina - Alcohol Assessing Agency: Julian F. Keith ADATC Services
Prospective Patients North Carolina is divided into three geographic regions (East, Central, and West). Julian F. Keith ADATC is located in Western North Carolina and serves residents of the western counties. Referrals for treatment to our facility (Julian F. Keith Alcohol and Dr...