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If at 20 years old you had a DUI do you have to say that you had one when completing employee applications
When he was at college(20 years old) he was driving and a lady hit him they exchange info and went along. an hour later the police showed up and gave him a test and arrested him for DUI. He appeared the next day and plead guilty. Now that its off of his driving record when he fills out employment records does he have to say yes when asked if he has ever had a DUI? Can he get this removed being he was under age? This happened in Columbia MO . Thanks
It depends what the disposition was and what the question on the employment application is. If it has been 10 years,...
Can i enter Canada in two weeks if i was arrested for a dwi yesterday?
my court date is Jan. 2014
This is probably more suitable in the immigration lawyer category. I do know Canada poses a problem for those CONVICTED...
I lost my license for ten years and am not eligible for a hardship. I was told that i might able to get an out of state license.
Is that possible to get an out of state license and be able to drive?
Not in Illinois
Missouri DWI?
Lawyers often preach, "don't blow, fight the charge in court" yet this seems to open up a whole new can of worms since the results are normally the same: SATOP, probation, etc., yet you end up spending more money for the BAC refusal to get your license back. Is the pitch to refuse to blow simply a ploy to make more money for DWI lawyers?
I have not heard lawyers preach that. What I have heard lawyers whose opiioins I respect say, is that if you have no...
What is the typical cost of a DWI in Missouri?
I was recently pulled over and refused a breathalyzer test. After I was arrested and placed in the police car, the officers began to get chatty with my wife who said I did have something to drink. Will this affect my case and what is the typical cost to defend a DWI?
I think, based on your question, that you need to decide if you want to hire the cheapest firm you can find that will...
What can I do to have my driver license reinstated and how?
Hi, I have a peculiar case. In St.Louis, Missouri December 2009 I caused an accident when I feel asleep at the wheel. 3 people were injured in the accident nothing severe thank god. My blood was taking at the accident in which they found 10ng/ml of thc. I went through court in August 2011 where I was charged and plead guilty to 3 counts Felony DUI's and possession. Therefore my license was suspended for 10 years. I am now a Colorado resident, drug free and havent been in trouble with anyone other then my wife. This case was actually the first and only time I have ever been in trouble. I hired a lawyer in St.Louis January 2016 who wanted me to wait till Jan. 2017 for laws to change to petition for my license back. Life lead me to Colorado in June 2016 which through a wrench in her plan because she thought it had to be taking care of in the county I reside. Colorado DMV said until issues are clears in Missouri I cannot obtain a CO. License. Now November I lost faith in my lawyer, I cannot get ahold of her and I don't think the petition she was working on had been turned over to the courts. My family and I need this, my wife is pregnant with our 3rd kid and I am at the end of my rope.
The various states share DMV information and honor the restrictions of each other. You will need to take action in MO...
Can i avoid installing a breathalyzer on my car?
i received a DUI in Missouri in 2012. At the time, i lived and i currently live in California. I went to renew my CA driver license recently only to find out that i needed to pay a fine and have a breathalyzer installed on my car for 6 months. Is there any way to avoid the breathalyzer?
I am changing the category to DUI so someone who practices in that area can answer.