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I got a misdemeanor DUI in 2012... 1st and only offense. It doesnt matter if the charge follows me. Can I still change my name?
I was a victim of child molestation and abuse and my attacker (step father) has been out and he lnows all of my personal info and I just want to start over where I cant be found out. I just want to live in peace. Anything is helpful thank you...
Yes you can change your name. Go to the county registry and they'll inform you of the steps needed to make this happen
I got caught with a 2 inch knife will I get drug tested during probation?
I got searched at school for illegal markers and found a 2 inch knife in my back pack. Will I get drug tested while on probation
If you're under 18, then your probation officer will have a lot to say about whether or not you have to be drug tested....
I need to get a reinstatement letter from the judge for my DUI classes.That is all i need.Can i hire a lawyer just for that?
Due to my previous finances i was unable to complete my obligation.First offense 3 Month course.
Yes you can. If t is your first violation of probation, many judges will let you reinstate the classes without the need...
Non Custodial parent has DUI, is a pothead, what impact does this make on custody case?
I am the mother of my 6mos baby & I have a mediation appt but I would like to speak with a judge would that be possible? Non custodial parent just got a DUI last week, is out drinking, has pics on social networks flaunting money &drugs, he also sells marijuana & flaunts it. He sells it at his house & delivers it. Also he has people come smoke at his house. Will the court look this up? Will it impact my case. Can court can look up those photos or I can show them. I don't trust him with my baby nor do I feel comfortable her visiting at his house. I know that I may look bad as well for saying these things but I am looking for the safety of my child because I know his ways. I've researched this and came across answers saying he can still get visits as long as he is no harm to the child.
Give this information to your lawyer if you have one. If you don't, make efforts to hire one. This type of character...
My parked truck was wrecked by an unlicensed and uninsured drunk driver what do I do now? My truck had no insurance.
My truck was totaled by an unlicensed and uninsured drunk driver, the truck was given to me barley a week before but I didn't put it under my name or insurance since the truck wasn't being driven. So in this case where do I start?
The best place to start is with your existing auto insurance. Many California insurance contracts provide for short-...
DUI CHP, How often must officers be trained in operating Chemical Tester DMT and defenses for "15 minute Depravation Time"?
I was arrested early Dec '13. LASD records show arresting officer was trained on DMT Oct 2011. Is that training still valid? Also, when we got to the station for DMT test, officer told me to sit next to the machine and he went away (line of sight for about 6 mins), then came back and administered Breath Chem test on me. I could not see him, so I know he could not see me. I could hear his voice tho. I want to prove he did not observe the "depravation time". I called chp station and they said they don't have surveillance inside the station. Can this be true? No cameras anywhere inside a CHP Station? Plus, the elapsed time from when we left the scene to the time registered on DMT results doesn't totals like 16 mins. Can he say he observed me while he was driving, eyes on the road
Case law holds that the 15 minute observation does not require continuous eye contact. Driving the person to the...
My baby broher was charged with vc23153(a) and also vc2153(b) but it seems to be the same thing. Why would he be charge these 2
I just dont know how there could be two charges for the same crime.
Those are the standard DUI charges. It is perfectly normal to be charged with both.