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Sheehan a judge in the state of Florida got pulled over for dui. was sentenced to jail in Hillsborough County
I have a court case in Florida and I have been fighting with my attorney back and forth about my husb demanding visitations to be out of the state of New york as long as ny Has jurisdiction this judge cannot decide that. I only want bridge the gap alimony I am in school i arrived in ny in april of 2014 concern is this judge she used to be an attorney, defended criminal alcoholics and drug dealers in the child welfare system how can I trust her to make the right decisions when she herself made mistakes . how is she still a judge this is why I'm glad that Florida no longer has jurisdiction over my child and New York now has jurisdiction I'm looking for an attorney/judge doesn't have a drinking/drug record to be fair in my child support visits case in ny marriage last 3 yrs
You have an attorney. Ask your attorney for a plan. Avvo is a website for those looking to hire an attorney and is...
I had a dwai with conditional discharge on 6/17/13. DMV revoked my license 6/26/13 for breath test refusal.
My license restored 6/27/14. Can it affect my watch, guard and patrol license renewal by the end of August 2014?
Consult with an attorney whose practice focuses on state licensing law on your chances at renewal. I do not think the...
Can I apply for a conditional license?
I was sentenced on 4-11-2013 conditional discharge…..I met all court order requirements VIP CS 12mths interlock however I don't own a vehicle and my drivers license is sus/revoked until 9/2014 could I apply for a conditional license in nassau county NY? My attorney had applied for an appeal that was was denied and in the process i had a stay order and that is why the suspension/revocation went into affect in september
This is a very technical query that cannot be answered here. Nonetheless, apply all they can do is deny you re-licensing.
How can I get a car out of impound quickly?
A friend of mine was driving my car with me in it and was arrested for DWI. They were going to let me drive it home but saw he had prior record and was on probation. The car has been impounded. I can't wait 10 days for a court date. Can a lawyer get this done faster and what would the cost be for Long Island New York
You certainly have a right to call the defense attorney or prosecutor as an innocent third party. A lawyer certainly...
New NY DMV repeat DWI regulations...
Here's the story... I was arrested in 2010 for DWI (my first DWI in NY). Two years earlier I got a DWI in NJ, paid the fines, took DDP, got my license back. I had a very old Zero Tolerance with a very low blow (combination of having a cold and taking cough medicine and less than half a beer with pizza) of .04 in 2002. I went through court in 2010, was sentenced in 2011 and began probation, completed an outpatient program, have paid all my DMV fees and thought I was on my way to getting my life back. Am I really going to be kept from getting my license back for 5 more years?!?!?!? And even after this time, am I going to need an interlock?! According to my court papers, I am eligible to regain FULL driving privileges back in less than a month! is that a pipe dream now???
These are brand new regulations that no lawyers that I know of knows how to handle. Except me. I can help you. Give me...
My license is suspended for dui(1st time)since 10/27/12, I was supposed to have a DMV hearing 11/7/12, office closed due to
hurricane sandy till further notice. My court hearing is Jan. 28,2013. Can I get my license back at DMV hearing when the dmv opens. I am financial hurting without a Carl. Thank you.
You need to have your attorney contact the DMV 518-474-1509. As I understand, all licenses were to be restored in light...
Applying to get driver's license back after revocation by NYS DMV for DWI and DUI
Hi: I was arrested for DWI and driving while impaired within 6 months about 4 years ago. I pled guilty, got in-house treatment and outpatient treatment and entered a 12-step program. I have now been sober since the day of my second arrest. The Judge ordered that I be allowed to keep my driver's license, although I had to get an interlock, and sentenced me to 3 years' probation. However, Probation advised me that NYS DMV had suspended my license for 6 months. After that 6 month period was completed, Probation gave me a letter to bring to DMV, recommending that my driver's license be reinstated, with ignition interlock. I brought this to DMV, and was advised that DMV had revoked my license for 5 years. I was told by attorneys that it would cost a lot of money to challenge this, and that I might not be successful. I just completed Probation. My Probation officer recommended that I go to DMV to reapply, and sue if I wasn't given my license back. I am seeking advice on what to do.
My advice for your next step is to call the State DMV in Albany. Local DMV workers sometimes give inconsistent...