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    Sunday Sep 3 | via NWAonline 

    Special Officer Andrew J. Lumus last night arrested and lodged in jail a negro lad named Rastus Lewis, about 13 years old, on a charge of horse stealing. It is alleged the boy stole a horse valued at about $50 from another negro at Mandeville, seven miles east of here, yesterday afternoon.


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Bald Knob Law

When you are arrested are you supposed to know the charge or can they charge you at the jail later?
I had an officer pull up on me while in a parking lot accused me of running a stop sign but said I stopped at the intersection. I didn't know if that was possible. Then he asked for license and insurance before I could arrested resisting
If they have probable cause to arrest you they don't have to inform you of what your charges are. And if they get you...
I need help wrongfully convicted with solid proof of my innocence
Was wrongfully convicted of no liability insurance 2nd offense have recording and proof presented in court but was still convicted and sentenced to 5 days in jail and dl suspended for 3 months
You have 30 days from the date of conviction to file a notice of appeal with the district court. If you are beyond that...
Drinking in Public 5-71-212: Pled not-guilty, have trial date in July 2015. Enough discrepancies to get dropped?
I was pulled over 1 block from my home. Officer asked if I had been drinking & I admitted I had earlier at a bar. He did field sobriety, I passed, did a Breathalyzer, registered .026. Gave me a ticket for Drinking in Public 5-71-212 is what is marked on ticket. My boyfriend pulled up behind us (officer car blocked the road). Same thing, bf blew .06, same ticket. Officer had bf drive the vehicle I was in to our driveway, then walk back and drive his truck to our driveway and made me walk to our home. (both vehicles registered in bf name so he was to drive them). Neither of us were drinking in public, neither went to jail, we were NOT released to a "sober" person's custody since we were both given tickets. Both tickets also read that we were both driving the same vehicle! Can we fight it?
You passed the Sobriety Tests? Asker, remember the follow the pen test?? Please let me know what they're looking for......
Does breathalyzer machines have to be calibrated and in good working order in Arkansas to get a dwi conviction?
Plus does an officer have to read you your rights because mine was never read,
You could still be convicted of a DWI without accurate breathalyzer results based off of field sobriety tests, video,...
Does breathalyzer machines have to be calibrated and in good working order in Arkansas to get a dwi conviction?
Plus does an officer have to read you your rights bc mine was never read,
The are regulations about the use and operation of a breathalyzer by a police department. The failure to comply with...
Can I be charged with drugs found in a vehicle that doesnt belong to me and I was no where around when it was searched.
Upon exiting a walmart one night, I noticed that my friends vehicle was being searched as he sat on the ground watching. I walked up and asked the friend and police what was going on. I was patted down and told that I was under arrest for drugs found in the car. I told them I have been in the store shopping and I have nothing to do with any drugs found in the car. My friend, who was a lawyer as well as the owner of the car said, "they have probable cause to search cause they found a drug pipe in a basket in the store". The officer walked up and placed me in cuffs saying Im under arrest for drugs found in the car. I was totally shocked because I had no drugs nor was I anywhere present when all this occured. No drugs were in my possession when I was patted down but was told im under arrest cause drugs were found in a bag on my side of his car. We were not pulled over nor was I around when the search started. I was arrested for all of this while the owner of the car and the bag was let go. I had no idea of any drugs or what led them to harrass my friend. I was unaware he had drugs in the car but more so as to why I got arrested for his drugs, found in his car, when I was not present.
Yes, you can be charged. The question is, can you be convicted? I would immediately subpoena for all videos from that...
What are the possible outcomes for an FTA on a misdemeanor DUI charge?
I was arrested for a misdemeanor DUI charge 16 years ago. I never went back to court and just recently found out that I have a failure to appear in Arkansas. How can I resolve this without going to jail?
You can hire a lawyer to ask the judge to quash the warrant. If that doesn't work you will have to turn yourself in to...