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Suspended License in Different State?
Hi everyone, and thank you for your time. I recently got a DWI in New Jersey. My diving privileges in NJ are suspended for three months. This was a month ago. My home state (part of the interstate compact) has still yet to suspend my license. As long as my license in my home state is valid and I am not driving in NJ - am I OK to drive? Best,
Yes. As long as you are not driving in New Jersey.
Denied employment for expunged DUI charge (ARD)
I recently applied for an Independent Contractor position and was denied the position due to a DUI on my driving record. The DUI in question was expunged from my criminal record after I successfully completed the ARD program. Can an employer legally deny me this position based on an expunged record? The employer is headquartered in California, but I reside (and would have been working) in Pennsylvania.
This is a question that would probably be best directed towards an attorney who specializes in employment law. As far...
I got a DUI in georgia 8 years ago moved pa before convicted. I am trying to get an interlock license in pa. Is this possible?
I have quit drinking (6+yrs) and served my penalty in pa and trying to get my pa interlock license. I have the device installed but can not seem to get an interlock license. Drowning me in paper work and get a different story every time I call the pa dmv, as what to do? Is this possible?
The pertinent form to apply for an interlock license can be found at
On DUI Probation for 5 years, does this mean if i violate I am looking at 5 years in Jail?
My Docket sheet says: IPP Min of 90.00 Days/Max of 59.00 Months 20.00 Days. I served 10 days in jail, as well as 90 days house arrest. If i violate, is it 5 years or not since it doesn't say anything about a suspended sentence.
Sounds like you received a jail sentence followed by parole. No one can answer your question because it depends on the...
ARD Program & background checks?
I was recently admitted into the Montgomery County ARD program following a DUI case. I have been making my payments and have been following all of the terms and conditions of the program. I am currently in my senior year of college and am looking for internships opportunities. My question is will ARD show up on background checks while I am in the program? Also, since ARD is not an admission of guilt or conviction, can employers use this against me? Please advise.
The offense will show up as an open charge until you complete the program. ARD programs are different county from...
In Pa. got dui for weed.. CRN eval.. 2 sat safety class. No rehab follow up w/psych dr, Penndot requires trtmnt completion cert
The evaluation was $200 (standard) I was told if My psych dr wrote note that i was under her care. psych and had been for some time. Penndot wants completion certificate for treatment. This has been over 2 yrs. I wasn't ordered to treatment. No one seems to know what the problem is. PPPLLLEEEAASSEEE give me a hint on how I should further proceed. Now lic has expired as well. I appreciate your time..
You need to determine what PennDot needs to restore your drivers license. You can obtain a FREE Penndot restoration...
Will a DUI show up on a background check if it was expunged from ard?
I just got a background check for a job. It never showed up even when I was on ard but this is for a management position in retail. It was expunged early August I received letters from the court, and arresting officer saying it was expunged. Like I said it never showed up when I was on ARD BUT will it show up
If it was properly expunged, it should not appear anywhere but in the District Attorney records (they are entitled to...