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What happens if I failed a drug test 2.5 years into a 5 year probation sentence?
I recently failed a drug test after going 2.5 years with a good record. I have been employed by a corporation after explaining my case. I have also been a full time student that has been a coordinator for volunteer efforts around the city 2 years in a row. I'm also the president of a club on campus. My conviction was a plea deal to a tier 1 sex offense. I have set my life up for success even after my conviction and I'm very close to being done. Do you think they will be hard on me for it or will I get rehab so I can still make something out of my life?
Hire a criminal attorney if they try to revoke you.
I was arrested on a felony drug charge . it was my first offense ever . will i be drug tested on my arraignment date ?
my friend had stole someone's phone , the phone she stol the guy tracked it to where we were & made a huge scene . the cops showed up & found the phone first . then they proceeded to search us . they found round about $5 worth of heroin on me .
Yes, you need to count on drug testing for every court appearance until this case is resolved. You are going to need a...
Would double jeopardy apply to this situation?
I was arrested in 2009 for DWI and improper lane usage in Baton Rouge. During the time awaiting court, I completed all of the pretrial diversion requirements. At the administrative hearing, the arresting police officer admitted to lying on his police report and admitted to instructing me to drive my auto after the field sobriety test to park my automobile. The administrative judge dropped the charges so did the district attorney. I received a DWI charge a couple months ago along with improper lane usage. Since in Louisiana one is treated as guilty and required to satisfy being sentenced prior to a trial I had completed the sentencing (fines, DWI classes, drug tests, community service, vehicle interlock) before the trial where the charges were dropped. In my upcoming case, would any sentencing for 1st offense be double jeopardy because I already satisfied the state in 2009?
No thats not double jeopardy at all. Its a completely different incident. Get an attorney.
Anyway to get around license suspension after DWI arrest
Got arrested for a DWI back in Feb, my lawyer recommended going through the Pretrial diversion program. Is there anyway to get around the license suspension?
Louisiana law allows for an administrative hearing regarding the suspension of your license. However, the time to...
My boyfriend is in drug court and on probation they found a joint of weed in our house but he wasnt there.
A month later he has a summons for possession whats the worse can happen he also takes daily drug test and test negative everytime what will happen
You need to call a lawyer. Too many unanswered questions: 1) If it wasn't his blunt, then it must belong to someone...
Will I go to jail for failing a court ordered drug test?
I had a case about something completely not associated with marijuana at all. The judge asked me if I smoked. I told the truth & said "yes". Then he ordered that the next time I come to court he was going to drug test me & if I test positive for marijuana he'll sentence me 3 years. Can he do that? Even though my case had nothing to do with narcotics.
Need more details. You need to call an attorney.
Why plead no contest to DUI when blood test was lost?
I was involved Ina head-on MVA after the front end of my car was clipped in a hit-and-run, sending my car into oncoming traffic. The result was a collision with a truck. It was 5 am as I was on my way to work. As the state police were searching my purse for ID they found a prescription bottle of pain medication I had filled the day prior. If they had counted them, it would have been discovered that all were there. I wasn't charged with DUI until over a year later in the course of a civil suit. As it was a hit-and- run that started the chain of command, I'm the only one left to go after in the money train. I called the state crime lab repeatedly and they have no blood test results for me even though one was done upon my ER admission. It was discarded before I was even sent to a room. What I'd like to know is why I'd be advised to plea no contest by my attorney. I was already thoroughly upset at the charge being dismissed due to a technicality, but the idea of pleading no contest seems beyond ludicrous! The assistant DA wants to get my medical records, which as of now the judge has denied.
That is not a question that we can answer. We haven't seen the other evidence, but only have your interpretation of it....