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In the case of a toxilizer refusal in the state of Louisiana, how do I delay the suspension and negate/postpone DMV decision?
I know other defendants who have had MULTIPLE DUI's and have not blown and all of which have never had an interlock device installed. I overheard someone talk about a motion that was filed that basically delayed the decision of the DMV and once the hearing was granted, the suspension period was basically over. Any help in the matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
The license suspension is a civil matter, whereas the DUI/DWI is criminal. There are strict time limits that pertain to...
I had a First DWI in Louisiana Last Sunday while I crashed my car in a ditch. My BAC was 0.13.
I am on a work visa. What are my chances of getting my license suspended? Is there anyway I could get the DWI down to reckless driving or wet reckless?
It sounds like you need to get in touch with a DUI/criminal defense attorney quickly to discuss the specifics of your...
DUI in different state
I got a DUI when I was visiting my girlfriend at college in Illinois for Halloween. Will my Louisiana license get taken away or suspended?
I would try contacting an attorney in LA to ask this question. You can use the "Find a Lawyer" tab here on AVVO to...
Four DUI's in two different states
If someone has 3 DUI's in Louisiana and gets a fourth DUI in Texas, does that carry over? If so, what would happen?
You'll need to direct the question to a Texas criminal defense attorney. Here are some helpful points to consider....
Hardship license transfer (1st time DWI) from Texas or apply in LA?
My license was suspended for a first time DWI in Texas until May 2015. I have to move to Louisiana to live with family because my Texas home is being foreclosed. Can I transfer a hardship license there from TX? (I do not yet have one.) or can I get one in LA after I move?
There is an interstate compact among the States' Departments of Public Safety. I don't see Louisiana giving you any...
What's my Husband's chances of serving jail time for 1st offense DWI? He damage several parked cars and injuries to one driver?
My husband was charged with 1st offense DWI. He caused damage to several parked cars and caused non-life threaten harm to the driver who he collided with. They offered him the option of going into the pre-trial diversion program, with all charges dropped, but we are unable to afford the cost. His first court appearance is coming up soon, what should he plea to allow him more time to gather money for a legal defense. Any other advise is welcomed. Thanks
It's very foolish to reject diversion because of cost and hire an attorney. Why not use that money for diversion? Get...
What should I do about a second Minor in Possession of alcohol charge?
I got charged with minor in possession of alcohol in September. I was admitted to the pretrial diversion program in November and it is due in February. Just recently I received another minor in possession of alcohol charge, as well as an open container in public. What should I do? can i still do the program for the first one? What does a second minor in possession normally mean?
You clearly have a problem with alcohol. Retain counsel and get into a rehab program now.