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My license was permanently suspended for DWI in 1992
License was suspended permanently for DWI IN 1992. Received a stop sign violation 2 1/4 yes ago. Why do I have to wait for three yrs from date of conviction instead of one year. It was my understanding that drug or alcohol covictio s were three year extensions, but not a stop sign.
If you drove while you were permanently revoked, you were driving when you were not allowed to. And you picked up an...
Can i get a CDL with 2 dui convictions in north carolina
First dui was in 1990 second one was in 2000
You may want to try because your 2 DUIs were prior to the law being passed else it's an automatic disqualification on...
What happens if I was not read my implied consent rights orally before submitting to a breathalyzer at the police station?
I signed the waiver of my rights but they were not read to me orally. I was under the impression I was consenting to performing the breathalyzer test.
You should discuss this with an experienced DUI defense lawyer. Generally, implied consent laws mean that you gave...
What can we expect? What's our best idea on what to do?
My brother had pulled into a traffic stop after working 12 hours at his job in a restaurant. He was given a FST and blew a .00/.00/.03/.00/.06/.00/00/.06 all 3 minutes a part. He then was told to call me to come get him by the officer. When I got there, the officer said he was issuing a ticket for DW/Intoxicated and wrote it as .09 even tho he never blew .09. We went to court today and. The judge asked us what to plea, we wanted to ask about the different FST results and the final 'ticket' result. He just put it as misdemeanor and assigned us a public defense and continued us.
Too soon to tell. There seems to be a lot of detail missing from this set of facts. Maybe you're not aware of all the...
Will any das consent to nunc pro tunc a dwi conviction date
i remember it was a common to do that a couple of years back it was even on the news
That is a question to have your defense attorney ask of the prosecutor.
I got arrested on dwi charges with 5 kids in car I blew a 0.28
is it true that the enhancement for kids in car is capped at Level 1 so I cant get a Level A1?
You know, Wikipedia states that individuals with a .30% are comotouse. Now, I know, for an experienced drinker, that's...
How many years does it take before having a DUI thrown out? I was pulled over when I was 20, I'm 24 now...
I was 20 years old when I was pulled over and have been dealing with court ever since, I'm 24 years old now. I hired a lawyer the next week before I done anything else. I just Dont understand. I haven't even been pulled over or been in any trouble since
You really didn't provide enough information about your case to answer your question. There is no hard and fast rule...