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DUI license reinstatement
License revoked in Alaska for 3rd DUI in 10yrs on 12/23/2008. I have successfully completed a court ordered therapeutic court program on 12/03/2009. I have changed my address to and receive mail in WI where I will be moving shortly to take care of my father. I know Alaska has a lifetime revocation with ability to reapply in 10yrs granted no additional DWLS/R. My question is, since I have completed a intensive court ordered treatment program and have been free of any legal/license issues going on 9yrs since my revocation in Alaska, will I be able to obtain a unrestricted WI DL? I believe I have met the requirements and more in regards to WI driving laws. Thank you and look forward to a little information on this so I can take the steps to move forward.
Not likely. If you don't hold a WI license, I don't believe the DOT will issue you a WI occupational license. To get a...
What is my blood alcohol level for a .169 for a blood test how much jail time can i get for a second dui
second dui involving a car accident someone was injured its on my record misdemeaner u
It depends upon whether this is charged as a straight OWI-Second Offense, Causing Injury, or Causing Great Bodily Harm...
Will this do anything go my WI CDL?
I was sitting in my parked car with an open beer can. Got an open intox citation that they will mail to me. Did a field subrioty test and blew a 0.00. Will this do anything to my wisconsin CDL?
It should not unless you are in point trouble. if your parked car was not running and they have no evidence that the...
What constitutes "undue financial hardship" for the an IID exemption?
I only have one vehicle and recently had an OWI with a refusal. I see there is an exemption to the IID for undue financial hardship. I am trying to figure out what constitutes that as there are no explicit details. Is this up to the judge to decide based on the evidence?
As you surmise, what constitutes undue financial hardship is for the court to decide, but unless you have no...
First time dealing with an underage + public intoxication, need insight and advice.
Saturday night, I left a house party here in Platteville intending to walk back to my dorm room to go to bed. Somehow I got turned around and ended up walking a decent distance away from where I wanted to be going and starting walking back from my new location back towards my dorm. Unfortunately I was walking along side the Business 151 HWY back towards campus. At this point I was stopped by an officer who ended up giving me a ride back to campus. I had alcohol in my backpack that he made me pour out on site and I remember him saying I was going to be getting tickets for public intoxication and underage drinking ( I am 19 ). I haven't received the violations yet, but I am just reaching out for advice on where to go next in my situation. I wasn't belligerent in dealing with the police
Go see a local criminal defense attorney for a consultation. Many offer free consultations and the early involvement of...
I got two underage drinking tickets in about a three weeks span. Will there be two different court dates I have to attend?
Or will I be able to attend one court date? The first time I blew a .055 and the second time .015... How long will these be on my record and will I lose my license? I also signed up for a drinking class for my first citation, but I don't think I will be able to take it anymore since I got another one.
You really need to talk with a local lawyer about representing you on this case. You tested very low on the second one....
I was arrested last night with an owi. I was pulled over because the officer said my head lights were not on but they are auto.
I was wondering if I have a case. They gave me a field soberiety test in a kwik trip parking lot and it was snowing and icy. I failed the test. They then gave me a breathlyzer and blood test. I have not heard the results on either but am sure they are over the legal limits. Do I have a case.
Did you have your headlights examined soon afterwards by a mechanic? Are any of the bulbs out? I would recommend...