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What is the percentage of DUIs that a police officer in Gilbert Arizona gives out where the individual cop has to testify in cou
I'm trying to find out how many dui cases actually require a arresting officer to testify in court by a defense attorney versus cases with in a years time where they don't have too either leading to settling or pleading guilty, any outcome?
I presume you are asking that question for educational purposes. If so you might want to send a request to the town...
Warrant issued for unpaid fines and classes for DUI in Arizona
I was sentenced to $1900 in fines and DUI classes, then went to prison 2 months later for 2yrs for something else. I am out now and see that there was a warrant issued for my arrest for not paying the fines or doing the classes. What are the penalties and possible jail time for not paying DUI fines or completing assigned classes? Will there just be extra fines or will there be jail time and if so how long is the jail time typically. Thank you
You need to speak with a local criminal defense lawyer to help with these issues. It sounds like you were put on some...
Can they test blood that supposedly has been destroyed?
The blood work from my dui in Aug '14 was not tested for drugs till March '15. Paperwork states any and all samples will be destroyed 30-60 after the incident.. I was charged then dismissed for a later indictment in Aug '15.
We get all sorts of can they questions here and it is usually for something that has already been done. They can do...
Can I get a bogus felony 4 DUI not just 'set aside' but totally removed off my record after 12 years?
Twelve years ago, I was indicted by a Grand Jury and convicted for a Felony 4 Extreme DUI, sentenced to 3 years in prison. I had never been in trouble before. After my ex husband, a Lt. Sheriff retired and moved out of state, this detective arrived at my house with a search warrant, saying since he can't get his revenge on my ex, that I'd do, and arrested me for a pending DUI, not once, but 6 times. It was all so confusing to me. I tried to tell my appointed defense attorney that I was being set up, but he said, that I should just admit that I have a problem, and take this time to deal with it. After my release, I contacted the AZ MVD Investigations, the report concluded, through court records-found I had 1 Dismissed DUI from 1994. Also found 6 duplicated DUI's on my driving record, submitted within 6 months of each other, all were updates from the same 1994 dismissed DUI. He cleared my driving record and reinstated my drivers license. I waited 12 years because, upon my release, my attorney was now the Superior Court Judge, (retiring this year). No local attorney would touch this. I need justice, what can I do to get this off my record. It's been horrible.
Can you apply to set aside, maybe, but a lot of that depends on what you've been doing since your release. Challenging...
Can a motion be filed with MVD objecting to these continuances and have the hearing dismissed?
Prior to the implied consent reading after my arrest, the cynical officer took my cell phone and denied me using it when my attorney called me back twice. This is in the police report and will likely get the criminal aspect dismissed. I was scheduled for an in person MVD implied consent hearing for January 2016. The officer was granted a continuance at the last moment for needed training. I was mailed a notice it was then set to be conducted telephonically at a later date. Five days prior to the next hearing the officer is granted another continuance for more training (he needs it). The officer has been granted 4 continuances at the last moment -- I haven't asked for any, yet! I have turned down 3 job assignments to make myself available for the hearing -- my line of work sometimes takes me traveling to places that don't have cell phone access. This is getting ridiculous and is jeopardizing my job. My questions are: 1) is there a limit to the number of continuances MVD grants. 2) Other states have deadline rules that once a MVD hearing is scheduled it has to be completed within 90 days. Does Az have such a rule?
Once we know you have an attorney we should defer all questions to your attorney.
Is it possible to have a DUI fall off. I ran my DMV record and my criminal background check and its not there
DUI over 5 years ago not on my dMv record or criminal background check
It's not supposed to disappear from your criminal history, but if it did, good for you. Some background checks may...
I got a dui in Michigan Arizona and Las Vegas in 3 months . I live in AZ and they have a 3 DUIS in a set time and it it becomes?
I got a dui in Michigan Arizona and Las Vegas in 3 months . I live in AZ. and they have a 3 DUIS in a set time and it becomes a felony. Can they count the dui's in the other states?
Yes they can. You're in serious trouble and need to retain an attorney for proper representation.