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Can I be charged with DUI Refusal?
I was given a ticket for DUI refusal. The officer requested a breathalyzer. I complied. It's said the machine detected a substance other that ethanol or something like that. So the officer told me to wait about 30-45 minutes and try again. So I tried again and it read the same error message. So then the officer requested a blood test and I refused. So how can I be charged with DUI refusal if I blew twice?
The officer requested breath first then you didn't refuse. However, the prosecution would argue that you refused...
How likely is my DUI case to be reduced?
I am 20 years old. I was convicted of DUI Underage, failure to maintain lanes, and possession of alchohol by a minor. A first responder noticed my car "parked" on the left side of a dirt Road outside the city limits. I told The first responder that I had gotten stuck, and didn't have any cell service to call anyone. The first responder called the local sheriff's dept. and noted that he smelled alcohol. A GSP arrived later and have a field sobriety test. The officer said that I passed. I then blew a .07 on a breathalyzer. He then cuffed me and tool me to jail. I hired a senior dui lawyer from Atlanta to take my case. My lawer just moved my case to superior court to try and lengthen it until I am 21. I want to know what my chances of getting this charge reduced or dropped. (Besides what my lawyer says.)
Without having access to the police reports, video and other evidence, this question is impossible to answer. DUIs are...
Georgia DUI
My son received a dui while away in college in Georgia, BAC .045. We have submitted the 10 day appeal letter. Any, pointers for the next course of action.
The only advice any competent lawyer can give you right now is that you need to hire an experienced DUI lawyer immediately.
What's the statue of limitions on DUI
My husband lost his license due to DUI's in 2000. In 2001 he was sentenced to 14 years in prison for assault. We are trying to find out how to obtain his license. If he still has to take the classes or where we go from here.
He likely has to take alcohol / drug class, 40 hours community service, and complete the other requirements of his...
Can I be charged with DUI-alcohol when the police report read DUI-Drugs?
I was charged with DUI, driving while intoxicated on my citation, and DUI- Driving while under influence of drugs on the police report. I was given field tests and a breathalyzer. What am I being charged with? Drugs or alcohol?
Without a blood test, probably DUI alcohol. That is my guess. It is a lot harder to make a DUI drug case without a...
Do I need to hire an attorney for a first offence dui?
Wrecked my car in a bad storm, no other parties involved ran off the road p d was called to check out the incident. My two young children were in the car(not injured) both in car seats. I was given breath test and determined I was intoxicated. .08 charged with dui and child endangerment
Not necessarily. If you LIKE jail; if you relish the idea of having no driver's license; if you look forward to being...
Need help regarding DUI in different state!!
We went to NC near statesville for my grandfather's funeral. My brother had some drinks and decided to drive back to the hotel. He was too drunk so he pulled over into a empty area and left the engine running and went to sleep. The cops came and booked him into jail for DWI because he was on the driver side with the engine running. They took his license away for one month and he will get it back his license until his court dates. He drives a truck. What is your advise? I know he should hire an attorney to help him. Should we hire one that is in NC where he was arrested or one in Ga where he lives? Please comment. I'm so stressed. He is dumb and stupid for driving while he was drunk. He made a mistake that I know will affect him. He has 4 kids that he needs to support. Please help!!
He needs to hire an attorney where he was arrested and charged. Best of luck.