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Can I sue a licensing agency for taking to long to provide my license to work?
I applied for certification for massage therapy in CA. On their website they say it takes 45 days without criminal record. I was brought to court for being in a park after dark when I was 18 and hitting a girl when I was 17 (no court for that one). My school asvised it can take up to 6 months to certify in these cases. They took 10 months to certify me, but 7 months in I moved to TX where I can't work without a license, unlike in CA. And I emailed them a bunch explaining the situation and they wouldn't tell me anything about how long or why there was so much delay. I needed to transfer my certification to TX so I can work. I spent over $500 on a certification that I couldn't even use. Now I'm waiting on them to send a license verification form, and when they called for payment they told me it takes a week to send out, then I called last week after TX massage board said they didn't get it. CAMTC, CA's massage board, told me it takes 2-3 weeks, but I checked my bank statement and it's been almost 6 weeks. I haven't been able to work for over 5 months because of them and I really want to sue for lost wages. It's been a year since I first applied for CA certification.
Sorry, I have absolutely no idea. Partly because I don't specialize in administrative law, but even if if did, you're...
Why is dmt drug illegal if it natural
why is dmt drug illegal if it natural
For the same reason marijuana is illegal: the legislature made a law criminalizing possession of it.
What will happen to me i have court soon on my 2nd dwi my 1st one is disposed
I have a court hearing soon for my second dwi offense my first one is disposed i want to know if i will go to jail or if they will give me probation i have an attorney i hired but want to get opinions from someone else
If you hired a lawyer, presumably you trust him/her to protect your freedom. Only your lawyer will have complete access...
Can I ask court for strict supervised visitation only for my 6mnth old baby? His father is alcoholic with active DWI. Options?
My baby is 6 months. His father has only seen him a handful of times Only because I have insisted him to. He does not give any support or even ask if his baby is well. He says he doesn't have money yet he has to go out to bars and use on buckets of beer and new clothes for himself. Yet when I ask for some support he calls me selfish and ignores me and my child. I do not want my child put at risk having to be removed from my home for visitation with his father because he is an alcoholic has an open DWI here in Texas and has criminal past record. What can I do to keep my baby safe and so that the court hears my plea to not put my baby at risk with a documented alcoholic. I'm overly stressed and drained by this. We are currently waiting on the court date for child support. I want to prepared as I am my child's voice. Any advice would greatly be appreciated.
The best and specific advise will come from your skilled family lawyer knowing all the facts and evidence on your case...
What should I do about this situation?
Okay, so I was at Crystal Beach for Spring Break and my friends were drinking, I was not, I had gotten there about 20 minutes before and a cop stopped and asked who's cooler it was. The guy admitted it was his and he was told to pour out all the alcohol. All of the people who had coolers were asked to pour out the alcohol. I am 17, and he asked me my age, I told him the truth. He never asked if I had been drinking, did not breathalyze me, I was patient and honest with him and he gave me a citation for an MIC. I really do not know what to do due to the fact that I do not want my parents to find out especially because I was not drinking. The other guy who did have a cooler, admitted to it and everything, did not get in trouble at all, no citation, nothing. I'm really frustrated and unsure about what to do.
Best to be honest with your parents, and they'll retain representation to fight it
I was convicted of a DWI in California 5 years ago while on vacation (never lived in California, driving a rental car).
Now I am living in Texas, I am currently applying for a Texas driver's license and was told that I "had a hold" on my license from California. Back around the conviction I completed an online alcohol class, and paid many fines. Until recently, I thought that everything was over, but I received a letter in the mail stating that I have a restriction that limits me to operating only vehicles equipped with a functioning Ignition Interlock Device (Pursuant to California Vehicle Code Section 23700) that “I am required to maintain until Dec 18, 2015. However, this letter also states “You may apply for a driver’s license in your current state, provided you meet their requirements". Does this mean that I have to use the IID now in Texas? Or only if I ever went to live in California?
If you are suspended or restricted in another state for a DUI you will be likewise restricted in getting a license in...
What happens with a failed ignition interlock test?
I haven't had my first court date yet the breathalyzer was a condition of bond that I received after I was bonded out. I went to start my truck I had drank the night before and failed. I understand I should not be drinking at all right now. Just wondering what could happen my attorney wasn't very forthcoming with any information besides I might have to go to jail and I shouldn't be drinking.
Your bond could be revoked and doubled. Your attorney is right. Depends on the court. Do NOT let it happen again. (...