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How do I get my car out of forfeiture hearing after DWI arrest in Long Island?
I was arrested for DWI in Nassau county. No accident and it's my first offense. I blew .14. The DA is trying to keep my car. Is the da successful in these hearings? What do I need to show or argue at the krimstock hearing? I am hiring a lawyer for the criminal charges but he said it would be another fee to handle the civil hearing. Any advice is appreciated.
Sometimes you can work out a deal and "buy" your car back. I think there are guidelines for when the seek forfeiture so...
Can you travel out of the country on a conditional discharge?
I have been convicted of dwi refusal and sentenced to a conditional discharge. The form which outlines the conditions of my discharge does not specifically mention travel restrictions but does state "follow the instructions of probation department in carrying out these conditions." I have not been assigned a probation officer to direct inquiries to.
Unless the court has given you directions not to travel outside of the country then you should be fine. Also, if you...
What penalties are common for a Nassau County, NY DUI?
This was my friend's first arrest, blew a .16, no property damage, no personal damage. He was pulled over for not signaling while changing lanes. Judge is T. Ferrell. What penalties should he expect? What kind of timeframe is he looking at?
Your friend should not go in unrepresented. Get a lawyer who handles DUI in Nassau County.
Can I drive with WA drivers license in NY,my NY drivers license is going to be revoked for 6 months?
I got DWI in NY,my license is going to be revoked for 6 months and also they want to put an Interlock device in my car,as I don,'t own any can I am planing not have by NY license for 12 months,I also have WA state drivers license,I understand that I can't drive in state NY,what can happen if the cop pulls me over and I give him WA d.l.,will they find out?Please help.
No--your privilege to drive will be revoked. The actual license is not the issue. You will be arrested if you are...
I was charged with DWI ,now I am applying for AOS,I-485 Part 3. 1b do I mark Yes or No?
Today my case was dismissed,they gave me 50 hours of community services and Drinking Driver Program,can I apply now for AOS,or I have to complete all community hours and DDP?And in I-485 Part 3.1b it says"excluding traffic violations" should I answer Yes or No? Please help,I can't afford to hire an immigration attorney. Thank you very much,very apriciate your help
Say yes, and explain at the interview. It is always better to err on the side of caution.
I have DWI still pending, next month it's set for disposition, should I wait until , or send the copy that it's pending?
I am applying for AOS my husband is U.S.Citizen.I am wondering is it any difference for USCIS that it's still pending or dispositioned I know that DWI is not going to help me, but is it gonna be a problem in prosses and can it cause delays.I want to do it asap because I miss my family very much, I wasn't home for 4 and a half years.Thank you
It should be finalized and you need to submit a certified copy of the charges and disposition.
Is it possible to get my aggravated DWI case dismissed?
I was arrested for an aggravated DWI on halloween 2015, the sheriff arrested me and i was released and got a lawyer. The sheriff's department lost my paperwork that says that the breathalyzer was working correctly, and also there were some mistakes on my arrest report. My lawyer gave the sheriff's department 6 months to find my paperwork, which they didn't. After going to court dates every month for 6 months with nothing happening, they are finally negotiating a deal. My lawyer has been pushing me to get evaluated by TASC and is trying to work out a deal where I do TASC and they charge me with a violation instead of a misdemeanor. I don't really trust my lawyer and feel he is much too eager to help the DA and send me to TASC rather than get me the best deal. Is it possible this case could've been/can be dismissed? Or should I listen to my lawyer and go to TASC? He told me to make an appointment for evaluation with TASC and let him know when it was, that was 2 months ago and I haven't done it cause i want a second opinion, but also need to get this over with because it has been almost 9 months and i haven't even been sentenced yet. He hasn't even contacted me in months.
You should listen to your attorney. He has no interest in helping the DA. You are his client. A violation instead...