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I got a blood test for suspected dwi my alcohol level was 0.01 But I Had Meth IN My System 0.05 Can They Get ME For dui
I fell asleep at the wheel of my vehicle and at the hospital cop smelled alcohol on me and gave me a blood test blood test came back 0.01 alcohol and 0.05 methephedamine
Yes they can. Best to hire an attorney for the best result
How will my drivers license be affected I received a DUI in a different state while on vacation
Recently got a DUI while on vacation in a different state (Colorado) I'm a licensed driver in NM.
Contact a lawyer in New Mexico to properly advise you before you DUI charge in Colorado is resolved.
What is the usual punishment for someone who gets a lockout violation while on probation, due to 1 high BAC & 4 missed tests?
Have been on probation for 9 mo, have 2 mo left, complied w/ all other requirements set forth by court. Lockout Violation was due to 1 high alcohol violation & 4 missed tests. All violations were in one day. Blew 1 previous violation back in jan or feb.
Depends on judge but 30 days would be typical.
My brother took off drunk in my car this morning and totalled it and is in jail right now im stuck without a car what can i do?
he took off while everyone was sleeping its in impound and i dont know what to do
file a cliam with your carrier and rent a temporary replacement vehicle. If you don't/didn't have insurance, you are...
I have 1 year probation and 90 days suspended for my first dui. What dose that mean? Can I do 90days and get off probation?
I got my first DUI and got 1 year probation and 90 days suspended. I also got 48 hours of community service DUI classes, 40 sessions of IOP, and 6 mouths of interlock. I'm just saying because I have a good job waiting for me in denver Colorado. I want to get done with probation soon as possible so I could leave and move on with my life. Thanks
You need to speak with the attorney who handled this for you. It is possible to have probation administered in another...
How does it work to be serving 2 days in jail w no charges filed for drunk & fighting with kitchen knife & clean record?
Inmate is relative never had jail time & we dont know how system works.
This screams out for an attorney consultation. Has any of your family consulted an attorney, especially in your...
Will I have to do manitory jail time for blowing 0.10 dwi
This is my 2nd dui...i have a 1 year old and a 4 month old...i blew a there anyway to not do manitory jail time and do extinsive outpatient treatment to prevent losing my job? I am a single mother.
You need to retain an attorney who specializes in DUI. There is too much at risk for you now and for your future.