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How long do i have to wait for an oui in Massachusetts to be sealed? Will it prevent me from getting a CNA job>
I plead guilty to viotating my probation and license susp for 1 yr. Now its preventing from getting a job. How long must wait before i can get it sealed
If this is a first or second OUI, then it is a misdemeanor conviction. For a misdemeanor conviction, the waiting...
I have a typical case where I got pulled over, cited for speeding and lane violation...and charged with OUI after failing the 3 FST's...at the station I blew a .07....am I right in thinking this is a weak case? I am going to trial, not sure if its bench or jury but what does it take for a .07 BAC to be convicted at trial?
A weaker case than if you had blown .07. You want 12 people hearing your case, as a rule, rather than one cynical,...
Can I get a DUI if the officer didn't give me a breathalyzer test and didn't ask for my license and registration?
I was found vomiting outside my car door. A cop came by and had me take a cab home. He didn't ask for my license or registration and didn't make me take a breathalyzer test. All he did was ask for my first name and whether or not I was going to drive. I responded no. I had no alcohol in the car and the car wasn't on (no lights, not key in the ignition, etc.). The cop waited with me until the cab got me and brought me home. My car was in the same spot the next day when I went to pick it up. Is there still a possibility I can be brought to court/get a DUI by receiving something in the mail in they took down my license number without me aware of it? Is there any possibility for something like that occurring or some other punishment? Should I call someplace or look something up to find out, or just wait it out? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have no previous record.
There is a possibility, but if you weren't observed in the car, and you weren't driving, it's unlikely. You could be...
In Massachusetts, what is the plea bargaining and how do you reduced the license suspension?
We have court case and preparing to reduced the suspension
In short, plea bargaining is a process in which a person (usually the attorney for a defendant) discusses the case with...
How can I as the wife and co owner of a car, protect myself finanancially from a husband who continues to drink and drive? TY
My husband continues to drink and drive despite having a DUI under his belt, I need to protect myself financially. We did sell our home and the proceeds are in an account that does not have his name on it, however we both own our cars. I am contemplating taking him off our car insurance but not sure what the ramifications of that are. Thank you
Taking him off the car insurance won't protect you, it will hurt you. Insurance covers injuries caused by the driver,...
I plead guilty to dui in mass.probation for a year.planned family vacation in Aruba all paid for last year.can I go?
Just plead guilty for dui in mass have a trip booked to Aruba with wife and daughter in July.booked and paid for last year.first time offense no other record for anything.will I be able to be granted permission to go
This isn't likely to be a problem. Just talk to you probation officer who will have you go in front of the judge most...
First time oui in Ma $500 reinstatement fee and $500 for taking the breathalyzer.
My son was arrested for a dui, went to court got a 45 day suspension has to take the alcohol program which he is doing and everything required. He got a letter from the registry stating he can get his license back (the 45 days is up) for $500.00 when he went the other day he was told it is $1000.00 because he TOOK THE breathalyzer. Is this correct?
If the case was settled within the first 30 days, then it should be only $500. But if the 30 day suspension expired,...