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Is it safe to fly within the US with a DWI conviction?
I was convicted of DWI last year. The conviction is level 5, supposedly the lowest level in North Carolina. I'm currently on F1 OPT STEM extension, awaiting response to my employer's H-1B petition. I have never had to fly within the US before but I need to do so for my friend's wedding. Is it safe to do so with my DWI conviction? If it is safe, could I be taking any documentation with me just in case?
You need to present valid government issued id. DWI does not prevent travel.
Can I get my license back after being revoked due to unpaid speeding ticket? My suspended time is served. Just gotta pay ticket
But a couple days ago I got pulled for a DUI but i blew a 0.07&in NC you have to blow a 0.08. Then also DWLR. Could i get my license back if i pay off the FTA for a speeding ticket?? Or will it be affected since i have this pending charge. Bc i was thinking go head pay the unpaid ticket&hire a lawyer. Please help
Your question is confusing. Were you charged with DWI? Even though you blew .07, you can still be charged with DWI....
If you completed your supervised probation and your PO said your court case was dismissed do you still have to show up to court?
Completed my year of supervised probation my PO said my case was dismissed do you still have to show up to court on your court date if so will they issue you a drug test if it was a non drug related crime
Your question is not clear on what kind of court date you have. If it is for some new offense, then you have to show up...
N.C my friend has 3 Dwi in one year he's been under stress no one was hurt what can he do to avoid jail time. ?
My friend has 3 Dwi in one year; no one was hurt . He's been under a lot of stress with the sickness of family member young lady batterling with cancer she pass few month ago. He is going to class what else can he do now to avoid jail time before his sentencing..
Not much as there's no magic spells nor tricks available for somebody who has multiple convictions in a short period...
If you enter and pass a pretrial diversion program for a DUI do you then have to admit to it later?
I was in WV and got my first offense for a DUI. I entered a pretrial DUI diversion program and I passed the program completely. Do I have to admit to future employers about the DUI? Or since I passed the diversion program is it not something I have to admit?
NC law has nothing like WV's diversion for drunk/impaired drivers. Was the charge dismissed and then expunged? If...
Can a H1B change of status application be rejected for a DWI?
I'm an F1 student currently on OPT STEM extension. My H1B visa application got picked this year. I was arrested in 2015 for DWI and released the next day. I pleaded guilty in May last year after my lawyer's recommendation and was sentenced with level 5 DWI, which is supposedly the lowest sentence there is for DWI in NC. There was one aggravating factor - BAC greater than 0.15 and 1 mitigating factor - clean driving record. As part of the conviction my license was suspended for 1 year but I was allowed a limited driving privilege with an ignition interlock. I have my license back now. I had already done community service and medical examination so I was not ordered to do them again. My lawyer once told that a simple DWI is not a CMT so I shouldn't have any problems with immigration but can someone please let me know if my change of status request from F1 to H1B can be rejected because of the DWI? I have no plans of leaving the US to get the visa stamped. I have a great job and would love continue working here. I had no problems when I applied for STEM extension and my license was suspended back then. Also, if the H1B petition is denied can I continue working with my F1 STEM OPT?
The process of changing from F to H-1B in the US likely will not include your conviction record. However, the US...
North Carolina driving privilege suspended for not submitting Form 508 to the DMV
I was convicted of a DWI in May 2016 and completed 20 hours of substance abuse treatment. My lawyer obtained a limited driving privilege with an ignition interlock. The license suspension was scheduled to be lifted on May 10, 2017 upon which I could have my driving license reinstated. However, today I received a letter from the North Carolina DMV stating that my driving privilege has been suspended as they have not received an approved Form 508 from NC DWI Services. I realize that this might be the fault of the treatment center for not sending the form. I'm not sure how to interpret the letter, i.e, whether my limited driving privilege that is valid until 5/10/2017 has been suspended effective immediately or just that my driving license won't be reinstated on May 10? Excerpt from the letter - "We regret to inform you that your driving privilege is suspended for an alcohol related suspension. In accordance with GS 20-17.6, this suspension is scheduled to be indefinitely extended 12:01 AM 5/10/2017, because the DMV has not received an approved Form 508."
It means no driving -at all-at least until this is resolved. Was the agency which assessed you the sane but becwhere...