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What do I do if I want to get my fines for multiple offenses over the past 10 years reduced or suspended.
I have a number of cases ranging from possession, duid, distribution, driving after revocation...the list goes on...My last charge of distribution landed me a 2 yr 3 mo prison sentence. I have been out for nearly 1 year and my life has never been this good. I've been employed for 6 mos., remain drug and alcohol free and my probation officer has placed me on Shadow Track program which is the least amount of supervision possible. I have a permanent residence where I have been since my release, completed the ASAP program and now the only thing standing between me and a driver's license is nearly $14,000 in fines. What is the best avenue for me now?
I have not known the VA court or the clerks to reduce fines owing. You can enter a payment agreement (or multiple...
I was pulled for a tag light out and resulted in a dui however the tag light works i took pictures showing works court is today
i took pictures dated yesterday showing lights work with date and time stamp should i even go an show judge the pictures to try dismiss the charge for tag light or would it be a waste of time as i would be losing a few hours of work however ticket would cost more please help
The tag light charge is not the most serious concern, the dui is. However, if the reason for the stop is the tag light,...
I was just arrested for a second DUI within 5-10 years was actually 7 years ago.My bad was .14 officer stated passed sobriety te
I did do the field sobriety test officer stated passed but smelled alcohol..Officer stated reason pulled me over was because of tag light out which is not true the light does work
Use the Find a Lawyer function at the top of the page to find an attorney in your area that handles DUI matters. Many...
Charged with 2nd offense h o the reason i was driving was so i can take care of my wife is this a defense
went through road check on way home from working I'm a self employed carpenter. i have to work. my wife has stage 4 cancer and I'm her soul care giver. diagnosed 3 years ago next 1st offense was 20 years ago.
Charged with what exactly? Needing to work is not generally a defense, but it may be good for working out a deal with...
Being charged with 2nd offense habitual 1st offense on driving record
filed petition to have license restored.asap drug test came back dilute.1st offense was almost 20 years ago showing on criminal record but not on current driving record.court date for driving charge march 5 reinstatement set for march 12.only 1 dui and that was 27 years ago
This is a very serious charge. You need to get a top attorney as soon as you can. The felony HO charge carries a 1-...
If u didn't go to court for dui charges in another state over ten years ago, what happens?
I live in a different state I got a dui in over ten years ago, I never went to my state won't give me license,bur I've had a dui in my state since that and they gave me a restricted license and I took classes and nothing has been on my record about the out of state dui til about a year ago.
There is probably a warrant in the other state. You need to contact the court in the state where you got the DUI and...
Drunk in Public
Arrested for a drunk in public. No other charges associated with it. I was guilty. Is there any chance I can go to court (Fredericksburg, VA) and get it dismissed or mitigated to something less by offering community services hours or something else? I have had no prior arrests for alcohol-related events.
Every jurisdiction is different but in Rockingham County you cannot get this charge dismissed absent some sort of legal...