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Motion to dismiss a Blood Search Warrant for a DUI due to the cause of the arresting police officer drawing it four hours before they were suppose too( AM/PM Warrant). Adding the judge who singed off on it didn't bake check and also didn't follow protocol.
Generally the state gets 10 days to respond and then the judge can set a hearing for argument and decision. The...
Im 20 and got pulled over. Ticket is underage dui, dui, and suspended license. The officer assured me he was going easy on me and said he only put me down for misdemeanor because I was cooperative. However, Looked it up and saw that since I had suspended license, that it really should have been aggravated. How will the judge treat this?
If you're charged in a city court or justice court, you cannot be charged with a felony for aggravated DUI. The court...
Blew .10, had suspended license but had physical cool even tho cool had pulled me over previously. Case is in justice court.
Absolutely. Either a public defender or a private lawyer but don't go it alone.
My cousin recently googled the name and discovered that he was arrested recently. His mugshot and arrest information is visible when th name is googled.
The arrest record and mugshot are public record and can be displayed. Generally, there is a disclaimer on these sites...
I have just started payments. It is supposed to be 110 a month and I have paid about one of the three months. Will apd work with me. They have yet to say a word about it.
If you are late or miss a payment concerning your DUI conviction, the court may impose additional jail time or further...
Was not arrested. Involved is a single vehicle accident. Taken to hospital and released.
The statute of limitations for misdemeanors, including driving under the influence, is 12 months from the date of...
was driving in the turn lane when pulled over. Cops assumed I was drinking. which was true however I passed all the tests except the breathilizer.
What is your question? Police officers can stop any motorist if they have a reasonable suspicion that the person is...