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I lost my license after 4 dui's 27 years ago is there anyway i can get it back ?
havent drove for 27 years no longer drink
Yes, the law was changed within the last few years to allow people with 4 DUI convictions to petition for a reinstated...
Will you get jail time for 1st DUI with child neglect without great bodily harm ?
My friends boyfriend had recently been arrested with his first dui and since he had his little nephew in the car he was also charged with child neglect without great bodily harm. His alchohol level was around 1.66. He was bonded out the next day but we are wondering if he will spend time in jail. His court date is Nov, 27 and we in desperate need of answers. Would he be centenced to do time in jail? Thank you
Nobody can tell you for sure what the outcome will be before the actual sentencing. That's because there are too many...
How is "liquid meth" tested once it has been sent to a lab?
My son is facing a trafficking charge for methamphetamine that was found in a water pipe which was sent to a lab to be tested again to find out what it actually is
If you want a chem lesson on forensic drug testing then you should probably use Google. Here's a link: https://...
I was just arrested for my 2nd DUI but they're saying it's my 3rd..
I was arrested last Friday night for DUI. I refused to blow when the arresting officer asked me if I wanted to. All said and done, the Paralegal from the Public Defender's office comes into the jail and asks me what happened. I tell her, and she says "Do you know what you blew?" I told her, "I didn't blow. I refused when the officer asked me if I wanted to blow." She tells me "I have your paperwork right here and it says you blew a .233" I told her that that wasn't even possible because I don't ever remember blowing. It sounds like the numbers I blew in 2008 because I was obliterated then. I don't know how they got this 3rd DUI conviction since it's technically only my 2nd. I don't know what to do..I'm scared the Public Defender's office is going to get me screwed..
I encourage you to hire private counsel to handle your DUI. By refusing a breath test, you have lost your license for...
Can I sue a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility for false misrepresentation of the types of services they offer?
"Unity Treatment Center" states that they offer holistic medicine, pain management, fitness and nutrition, yoga, and meditation. I have a chronic pain conditions, and according to their advertisement, they seemed to offer all of the things I was looking for in order to manage my pain condition without narcotic pain medication. After being taken to Hobe Sound, FL, I discovered that the facility was not what they advertised at all. First, all of the clinical services offered were on the 2nd floor of a "Bank of America", all that was there was a "nurse" in street close. I asked about the alternative medication, and was shown a small room with an old massage/exam table pushed in the corner, and a small room with a sofa, and rug for yoga and meditation. There is much more to be told.
You may want to repost this question in a more appropriate anrea of AVVo. This is for people with criminal DUI Defense...
Due Proses for 1st time dui and judicial activism.
If the court determines that the convicted person is unable to pay for the installation of the ignition interlock device, the court may order that a portion of the fine paid by the person for a violation of section 316.193 be allocated to defray the costs of installing the device. [s.316.1937(2)(d), Florida Statutes] Question 1. When was i afforded the right to claim indigent for installing the device. and if i wasnt afforded the right, then wouldnt that be considered a due procedural violation. also Ignition Interlock Requirement states that on first conviction the Judge can require it "but for how long ?" I got 1 year. I refused the breathalyzer but got it dismissed at DMV hearing. also did not have anyone under 18 in vehicle. 1yr=judicial activis Please help
The ignition interlock is a mandatory condition of DUI probation. If there is a legal basis to modify your costs...
Dui school and the substance abuse class
i got a dui 5 yrs ago and now trying to get my licence back .Dui school only had the record of my class and not records for my evalutation i tryed to get them from my old probation offices and clerk of courts and tri county but all files have been stored away.so i went for a new evalution for the substance abuse class and passed but when social solutions got my cert. it had treatment required checked in the box. my question is if they had no record of me and my first evalutaion how can they put that treatment is required .
Bureaucracies like DMV, probation and clerk's offices often have inconsistencies. That's why I think the "how can they....