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If someone starts doing community service prior to a 2nd offense DUI can they avoid jail time?
Before court date they Already enrolled in drug and alcohol and 2nd offender alcohol classes. Also in sober living. Bac was .11 Thank you
These are all very positive steps and can be very compelling to the court to minimizing jail time there are some...
My brother got two DUI s back to back, what should he expect?
he didnt show up to 1st court appearance, he showed up to 2nd dui court appearance and they took him into custudy, no accidents, they pulled him over the 1st time for broken head light and had him alcohol blow approx 7 xs , 2nd x he ran a stop sign and they drew blood, he is in Pismo Beach, calif
It is serious and I'm not exactly sure what's going to go on with his license cuz I don't know if you scheduled any DMV...
How can my daughter keep her temporary license after a DUI charge?
My daughter was charged with DUI and has her first court date on 7/20. The initial incident happened in 6/10 so her temporary license given her by the police that night (they took hers) expires 10 days before she is even given the chance to enter a not guilty plea! She was already home for nearly a half hour and in and out of the car a few times before police were called to the residence. She had just hit a tree avoiding a deer. I'm not even sure it CAN stick under those circumstances, but most importantly, how can they suspend her license before guilt is proven? Is there a way to keep her license until the decision from the judge? She doesn't even live in the state (she already had planned to move before the incident). The police refuse to give her the police report or body cam footage stating only an atty can request that. She can't afford an atty and one won't be appointed until court. Can she extend the temp license so she can GET to court? She moved to AZ and can't drive 8 hours for court if she doesn't have a license. OR can she request to appear by tele from Arizona? How can they take a license before she's found guilty? Can she file a request to move venues?
Unfortunately, you're asking this question way too late. Your daughter's license is being suspended through a DMV...
DUI charges pending, and I have to move out of state. How do I handle this?
My daughter is facing possible DUI charges. She was not arrested, but was given a "ticket" showing penalties they are recommending be charged against her including DUI and DUI over .08. She is supposed to move to Arizona in three weeks. How does she handle this if they move forward with charges? If she is found guilty, can she attend the DUI school and other responsibilities in Arizona? Can a change of venue to az be requested for the charges? Or somewhere close to the border of the two states at least? She has nowhere to live in CA and is heading back to the support of family. Can she be forced to stay in CA until it is settled? She's very worried she'll have nowhere to live. Please help if you have any advice. Thanks!
The good news is a lawyer can appear on her behalf and she doesn't have to go and a lawyer can handle it on her behalf...
Do I need to physically submit my DUI school completion certificate to the court?
I was convicted of a misdemeanor DUI in California almost three years ago and have completed my work alternative program, paid off all my fines and I immediately enrolled and completed my mandatory DUI classes after conviction. My question is, do I need to physically go into the court or mail them my DUI class completion certificate before my 36 month probation period is up, or is it done automatically by the school? My attorney at the time only said I had to enroll and complete the course before my probation period ended, but didn't say anything about turning in the certificate afterwords, but read on other sites that it is required. I know for a fact the school sent the DMV my enrollment and completion automatically, because I was able to get my restricted license after enrolling and my restrictions taken off after I completed the classes. Also, if my conviction court date was June 2, 2014, does that mean my probation ends on June 2, 2017? Thanks in advance!
Yes, you do. If you fail to do so, it will be a violation of your terms of probation.
I have a 10 day jail sentence in SLO county starts July 7th that's a Friday with 1 day already served seeing be weekendtotal ?
2nd offense driving on suspended driver license
So what's your question? You start on Friday and serve 9 days (if you got credit for 1 day) served so you would get...
I wd like to expunge a misdemeanor petty theft which included 1 yr bench probation however I got a DUI conv. 8 months later.
Both circumstances involved alcohol and I enrolled myself in a program in march and I now go to AA. Both circumstances also came into play after I was prescribed various psych meds for an incorrect diagnosis. Now I take no meds and feel like my old self again. I was in a very abusive relationship and ptsd and fear of reaching out for help kept me from opening up to drs so they just assumed I was bipolar. I just got a DVRO against him. I have 24 years of mortgage banking and need to work but banks are reluctant to hire me with the petty theft. I didn't steal anything and tried to fight it but gave up when they offered a plea which seemed doable. Big mistake.
You should consult with a seasoned attorney before proceeding with this. It sounds like you violated the probation...