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License reinstatement after 10 year suspension in NJ
My spouse was scheduled to get his license suspension restored and was told by the IRDC that he needed to see a counselor for an evaluation. It was a minimum of 4 visits to a max of 16. He has been clean and sober for the 10 yrs his license has been suspended. The counselor told him that he needs to have 16 visits (no explanation why - possibly to bill insurance for 16 visits) which will cause him to not obtain his license back for another 4 months. Contacted the IRDC and they cannot comment until they receive the eval from the counselor. Is it a good idea to choose another counselor on the list for a second opinion? Contact an attorney? Not sure where to go or who to reach out to. Doesn't seem fair that everyone is treated the same whether they are rehabilitated or not.
IDRC has the right to tell him he needs to do more to complete IDRC than the minimums from the judge. Four months will...
If nj drivers license Be suspended in Nyc for dwi , can you be able to drive in nj ? And does it give points to nj license
They suspended my ni driving license in New York City for three months , for dwi , will I be able to drive in ni ? Will this inflict my driving record in nj ?
No, If you are suspended in any State for DWI, you will not be able to drive here (as long as you are a NJ licensed...
Will DWI conviction(but not yet guilty) affect my OPT EAD Extension process.
I have been convicted for DWI but my OPT EAD extension is in process. I have not yet been guilty of it and the case is supposed to kickoff in a month or so as I have hired a lawyer. My main concern is that will just the conviction affect my OPT EAD Extension process? Given that my BAC is 0.13 and I don't have any prior tickets to this (not even a parking ticket).
If you hired a lawyer you should be asking that lawyer these questions but in general DWI's do not have an effect on...
Does DWI effect H1-B transfer?
Does DWI effect H1-B transfer and prudential revocation of visas is applicable to all the DWI convicts or USCIS select a few and revokes visa prudentially?
Yes a DWI can effect you any immigration status. if you have been charged with or found guilty of a DWI you need to...
How do I file an effective complaint?
I received a second DUI 15 years after the first. With an excellent driving record the prosecutor recommended 90 day license suspension. I completed the 90 days and the required driver class then reported for ASAM-PPC-2R assessment. My demeanor was cordial, open and painfully honest with the "Intern" interviewer. None of my answers indicated substance abuse or dependency (or even use), but I was found eligible for Outpatient Treatment. I therefor requested and obtained a second opinion. The second opinion was rendered by a licensed Professional. Again, I was found eligible for treatment although for a much shorter duration. I assure you that I have no moral, spiritual, emotional, medical, or chemical dependency issues to counsel.
You have already had a second opinion so, anything further is probably going to be an up hill battle. You could get...
Breathalyzer Refusal advisement, asked if was refusing, trickery to get refusal?
I have read several cases referencing a confusion doctrine; I understand that one does not have a right to have attorney present at breath test. Continued requests, for an attorney could establish grnds for confusion doctrine. If an officers response to attorney request after breathalyzer advisement is, "are you refusing" (very fast, angry, almost taunting)and "Yes", is given......How is it determined which question was actually being said yes to? Is there anything worth looking at here? Side note:Same officer that documented a slurred speech, when answering "no" to a question, when trying to establishing probable cause. Is that even possible, to slur the single word "no"???? .....very young over zealous officer.
“despite the best efforts of police officers, some confusion may remain.” A defendant seeking to establish a claim of...
First DUI on h1b - property damage
Hello expert, I am on h1b since last 5 years got dui in New Jersey (not convicted yet). My car hit the pole in near by neighborhood. I heard that dui with property damage is treated harsh by uscis and dos. Please can some one provide me best immigration attorney's contact who worked with h1b client and have faced similar situation.
You can search for an experienced attorney here at the avvo site. There are many qualified attorneys at avvo.