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Pulled over without an IID on a new vehicle I just bought, written ticket for no IID, but I now have one, will they prosecute?
Kings county Brand New vehicle In-route to have an IID installed Stopped for speeding Written misdemeanor for no IID I am not on Probation (I THINK! Wet and reckless 2015) and have a current license because of my IID install on my other vehicle Now I am 100% legal when I drive the new vehicle because of the IID install Do you think a DA will Still prosecute?
What you describe does not constitute a legal defense for one with an IID restricted license (such persons may not...
After I get charged for a wet and wreckless or DUI in California can I take my classes and handle all the charges in N. Dakota
Hello, I've been waiting to be charged for getting pulled over and blowing a .08 when I was 20. They have pushed my date back for a year and a half and now I've been offered a job opportunity in N Dakota. So I was wondering if when I move if I can take the classes there and pay all the fines at my new location?
Did you waive cure time for a speedy trial? If you didn't this matter should be resolved by now. If I was in your...
How many times can my case be pushed back after a year sense I was booked for dui?
So I was pulled over when I was 20 years old (a week from being 21) and I blew a .08. It's been a year and 3 months sense that date and my case keeps getting pushed back. The DA claims they have filed before the year mark but they haven't summitted any paper work to the courts. So how much longer can this go on? Is there a chance the case could still get thrown out?
You need to retain an experienced lawyer to see if a speedy trial motion could successfully result in dismissing your...
HHow many times can a dwi case get pospond by a judge before it can get thrown out ?
My case has been postponed 7 time's by the judge and I go again tomorrow. I need my drivers license to get back and forth to work. It was taken away from me at the time of my arest.
The case can be continued as long as you keep waiving time or your right to a speedy trial. You may want to speak to...
Can I sue a county for compensation for wrongfully adding a dui to my drivers license?
My license has been suspended since 5/16/2014 and it was unbeknownst to me. I was never notified. Until I went to renew my license on 3/21/2017. I was told by the DMV clerk that my license was suspended and I was convicted of a DUI. Also, that I had take a DUI course in order to unsuspend my license. However, I never had a DUI. It was someone else with a similar name and the same birthdate was driving under the influence. I have no relations or know that person who has the dui. Now I have to go through the whole process of adding myself to the court calendar and get a court appearance. Just so I can prove I was not the person with the DUI. Since 2014, I have applied to several jobs that require a DOJ criminal background check. The DUI would show up on the DOJ background check. The DUI would disqualify me from those jobs.
No, you can't sue the court (which is an arm of the state, not the county) for the error. Even if you could, you...
I am going ti court on the 13 of march for a dui-drug do i need a lawyer
pulled over gor swerving in front of officer he did his subriety test. said i hafd pulse 140 and he stated i fell asleep doing 30 second test which i did not i was counting. did nit ask for hearing yet at dmv is it too late to request hearing i was arrested on january 30
Very risky to defend such a serious action without counsel.
Gave my car keys to friend to get something and they left and got a dui can I claim theft
Friend took car with out permission
You could file a police report, then the police would decide from there. You providing the keys may deter the bringing...