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Do the cops NOT pursue DUI CHARGES it it's a minor accident?(Only driver was hurt)
The person was passed out drunk and smelled like alcohol when the police arrived. The person was sent in the ambulance to ER. The person's blood alcohol level was well over the legal limit, but police did not order the blood test. Cop called house when person was out and family member told cop what a great person driver is and that he hadn't been sleeping right and fell asleep driving. Family member was told No charges. Accident happened last week. Is the person not getting charged? Cops arrest people all the time for driving buzzed. Can a person passed out drunk in a car really get nothing?
It is within the discretion of the State whether to press charges
Is there a new law that if a person is suspended for a 3rd dui and they get caught driving while suspended that it is a felony?
If so, how long would it take untill he is indited and does he have to plead guilty in municipal court in order to be indited?
The short answer is no it is not. It is still considered in New Jersey a motor vehicle offense. However, if can Vic did...
Will I have to take the written and road test again if my license has been suspended for 2 years?
I lost my license for 7 months for a dui I completed IDRC, however I was locked up in county jail when my suspension was lifted. Then a small municipal court from a separate municipality suspended me for non payment of fine even though I was still in county jail. I was just recently released 7 weeks ago and have court to have this smaller suspension resented but I'm confused. Technically was my licence suspended for the full 2 years or does that break in between save me?
You should contact the Motor Vehicle Bureau to find out if you will have to take the written exam and road test.
My son got a dwi first he blew a .09 then a .18 I heard there should have been a 3rd given is this true?
My son wants to join the navy and since this is his first offense and he has a clean driving record before this I was hoping the judge would work with him so he can prove to the court he joined and graduated boot camp and maybe the judge would drop the charges. Can this happen?
This sounds like a car where the Alco-test result can be suppressed. Hire a good DWI attorney for your son.
Can my vehicle be searched after a DUI arrest? Is this a violation of my 4th amendment right?
I was arrested and formally charged with a DUI even after the "drug recognition expert" concluded that I was not under the influence. In speaking with the prosecutor the DUI charge will be dismissed. My vehicle was searched after the arrest and I was charged with possession of a CDS and paraphernalia. Is this a false arrest and is this a violation of my 4th amendment right? Did the police basically arrest me for a DUI in order to search my vehicle without my permission?
A lawyer would need to review your discovery to give you the answer you need. That being said it is common for a...
I drank 4 beers last night and was done drinking by 7:00pm. I Have a urine test at 5:00 pm. Today will I be ok
Urine test
I am not sure what you mean "will I be ok." What is the urine test for, drugs, alcohol, etc... More information would...
What happens if you violate conditional discharge requirements?
I was caught with marijuana paraphernalia in NJ and I live in NY. I was given conditional discharge in which I have to submit 2 drug tests to the court. I still haven't gotten my results back in order to send them so they will not get to the NJ courthouse in time. What's going to happen if my conditional discharge is violated?
Your original charges (all of them) will be reinstated and you will get a lawyer to ask the judge to restart your CD....