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  • Suspect arrested for shooting incident in Austin

    Tuesday Aug 15 | via Post-Bulletin 

    The incident occurred at 1:14 p.m. in the 300 block of Fourth Avenue Southeast, according to Chief Brian Krueger. Several witnesses interviewed by authorities said that a man fired a gun toward a tan colored vehicle from a residence nearby.


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  • Search warrant leads to meth recovery in Austin

    Monday Jul 31 | via Post-Bulletin 

    Austin police officers, Mower County Sheriff's Office deputies, the Austin/Mower Special Incident Response Team and the Southeast Minnesota Violent Crime Enforcement Team executed a search warrant at 7:22 a.m. Friday at a property on the 1900 block of 1st Avenue Northeast. Authorities arrested 32-year-old Jesse Kranz, of Austin, after allegedly seizing 5.8 grams of meth and a 9 mm firearm from his property, according to Austin Police Chief Brian Krueger.


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Austin Law

First DUI. Will i get probation?
This is my first ever DUI. Im just curious if i should expect to get probation. I was arrested and taken in but never actually put in jail they just asked me a bunch of questions and let me leave with a licensed sober driver no bail and i did not have to wait to be seen by a judge. Im just curious if most DUI cases get probation or not?
Yes. If you plead guilty it's very likely that you'll be placed on probation. Don't be too quick to plead guilty though....
Can a DUI charge be fought if information was withheld?
I got my first DUI. The officer had me do all the sobriety tests than gave me a breathalyzer, when i asked what i blew he said he is not aloud to tell me. Ive not had to do very much with the law so i have no idea if there is anything i can do about that.
Yes, this case can, and should be, fought. There are several ways to attack a DWI charge and an experienced attorney...
Can a DUI be lowered to a minor while driving and would that be a lesser charge?
On saturday i got my first DUI i am 19 years old and i am just wondering if it ever happens that, that gets reduced to like a minor while driving, or if that would even be better to have it reduced to that or if thats even a reduction, thanks.
Since you obviously tested over the legal limit of 0.08 there are two issues in play - the DWI charge and the...
I am wondering if the fail I recorded on my Lifesafer Interlock device will be reported to my probation officer.
The interlock is not part of my probation and I failed 2 tests in a period of 5 to 10 minutes. I then did not try and test again that day. I guess I am wondering if the DVS will report it to probation. I have heard they don't but not sure. I know that Lifesafer will notify the MN DVS and it will be recorded as a fail.
You have the right idea. Chances are DPS won't report the violation to the local probation office. You'll have to deal...
What are the chances of getting a DWI off your record when accused of a DWI with BAC of .16 ?
Was pulled for a swerve and blew a .16 after having taken but not failing the initial field tests. Was brought to jail for the night.
Slim without an experienced attorney. Give some a call. You can use the "Find a Lawyer" tab at the top of the page...
Is it a misdemeanor if you're not arrested put in jail only read your rights and let go? so confused
Was driving through South Dakota from Colorado visiting family in Minnesota when I was pulled over questioned for going 72 in a 65. He asked if there was any drugs in the car and I said just my prescription marijuana he then read my rights gave me a fine and sent me on my way.
You should consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney in SD. Each state is different from the other and so...
In SD,can a drug misdemeanor be expunged if it's out of state, wasn't being used, and had legal documents showing it's medical?
Was driving through South Dakota, had medical marijuana in the back of the car still in the purchase bag. A police officer pulled us over he asked if there was marijuana in the car considering the med card. We admittedly said yes since we're licensed to have it. He then said he found it, which is odd since he didn't. We told him where it was.
You need to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney in SD as each state has different issues and laws....