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Interlock for DUI
How do I file a financial hardship for a waiver for Interlock after conviction, spent 3 months in jail, paid the fine, community service, obtained the Risk Reduction documents and all evaluations, and SR22. Practically, I have all the documents required to obtain a driving permit. Revocation 5 years (Habitual Violator). Passed 2 years which allow me to secure a permit upon paying $840.00 but need interlock. DDS advice me to obtain an interlock waiver, this will lessen my monthly cost and be able to drive to work. I am a professional programmer but because of this driving, could not take any job because of distance to and fro work. So I am asking what and how is the process to go about this interlock waiver. I am dead broke and really poor. I am Cobb County resident. Any idea
Was your conviction in Cobb? If so, who was the judge?
How much time will I do if I violate felony probation and get charged with dui
I have a simple possession years ago finished probation now on felony probation for aggravated assault I just sent to jail for no tag suspended license and DUI lawyer violated me now just waiting for court I also just have 3 months on probation thank you
So much depends on the judge, the PO, and your lawyer. But, remember, if the PO alleges that you have violated...
I have won an ALS appeal hearing, but the DMV is giving me the run around about giving me my license back.
I refused a breath test in January, I appealed the license suspension and had my first hearing on March 14th. Soon after that judge upheld my license suspension. My attorney appealed again and another judge overturned the previous judges decision rescinding my license suspension. I took a certified copy of the court order to a full service DMV and several hours and several calls later... I have been getting the run around and was even told by a rep from the hearing dept with the Ga DDS call center, that "we have to check this out because a judge can't overturn another judges decision". What type of idiots are our tax dollars paying to provide us with a public service?! Finally this morning another rep from the DDS legal dept told me that my attorney has to call them directly.
There should be an order in place you can take to DDS. Speak to your attorney and he or she will advise you how to...
How can I remove my records from I have a dui conviction and this had since been settled.
How can I remove my arrest records from I have a dui conviction and this had since been settled with some time spent in jail along with fines and community service. This is affecting my job offer. Is there any way this can be removed from Arrests,org? Needs opinions/advice.
There are many third party companies that are now posting people's arrests and convictions online. There is no law...
DUI and Driving with a Suspended/Revoked License in Cobb County. What is the penalty.
I arrested for DUI and Driving with a Suspended/Revoked License in Cobb County. This is my 3rd DUI arrest, what is the penalty. I was not actually driving because I was in a friends parking lot on the phone when an office came to me and told me that someone had called that I was swerving on the road before I got to my friends house. The office did not actually see me driving. I was in a drive way sitting in the car. The office ask me out and performed a sobriety test on me. I did not know what i blow as at now. was taken to jail but bonded out the second day. Court date was set for August 16th, The car was not running, I was on the phone to call my friend to come out when the officer arrived. What are my chances. Uptil now I do not know what I blow because it is not on the ticket.
The answer is spelled J-a-i-l unless you quickly act to hire the best DUI lawyer you can imagine! The detail dan be...
What is manditory minimum for a first offense dui in georgia blowing a .21% on a breathalizer?
I got pulled over in Georgia with an Alabama lisence for improper lane change and got a dui for blowing a .21% on a breathalizer.What is manditory minimum punishment and will i lose my lisence?
Assuming you are 21 years of age or older, The minimum mandatories are 12 month sentence, 24 hours in custody, balance...
I am on probation for a d.u.i. in Georgia. I just got a speeding ticket 71 in a 55, is that a violation of probation?
I am probation for a d.u.i. and drive on a limited permit. I just got a speeding ticket driving 71 in a 55 mph zone. Is this a violation of my probation and will my probation be revoked?
Usually, a speeding ticket, being a civil infraction, is usually not grounds to violate probation. However, if you get...