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I was arrested for -DWI -DWI with BAC over .08 it was .12 -Aggravated unlicensed operation 3rd -Unlicensed operation -Switched plates -Unregistered vehicle. I was very cooperative with the police and was honest. It is my first DWI.
It is possible that you will lose your license for a year. It is also possible for you to go to jail. You need an...
I was very sick with the flu my "EX" gave me a home remedy,I had mo knowledge it had alcohol in it .He is very abusing .He became high rate I left he called the cops said i was drunk.I got pulled over charged with dwi.I need some case law to present to the judge ,I have a court appointed lawyer an HE SAID HE DOESN'T HAVE TO DEFEND ME.I have no money an i was denied a new lawyer .I dont know what to do?
It's not one hundred percent on point, and I still suggest you get a lawyer and get rid of this court appointed...
As of August 7 my ability to drive in PA is suspended for 1 year. I refused blood test because NY does not administer them. I did however blow a .12!
If your driving privileges are suspended in PA, you may expect problems in NY as well. Figure out what you need to do...
i got a dwai
Yes. I don't think the requirement goes away just because a lot of time has gone by.
was arrested after already out of car
You need an attorney to help you win the refusal hearing and then the criminal case. Don't wait...hire one soon. Good...
my husband and i got into a fight in our car we had some drinks earlier i was drunk he wasnt drunk we both put hands on eachother our baby son was in the back seat he got arrested for endangerign the welfare of a child. he is a good man a hard worker same job 1o yrs never had this kind of thing happen before i was drunk and angry when i made my statement what can we do? can i get my statement thrown out? not testify in court? can we get the charges lowered to somethng else? like a violoation instead of a misdemeanor? please help i had no marks btw.
If your husband has no previous record things should work out fine. You should get in touch with his lawyer as soon as...
ticketed for DWI and Harrassment 2nd. Plead guilty to DWI, Harrassment charge was dropped. Sentenced to 1 yr. conditional discharge, DDP Program and Ignition Interlock Device (IID)for 6 months. Been working FT, did the DDP class, paid all fines and surcharges, had IID installed, everythign fine for 4 months. Newst IID unit giving faulty readings, company says something wrong w/ unit, but wont replace till its time for recalibrated unit. BF was doing alc counseling for 4 mths, then when sentence didnt require it he quit going. Now we have 2 ltrs from DA wanting to violate cond. dis. due to no alc couns and faulty IID readings. We have heard nothing from Judge yet get a ltr from the Probation dept saying he has to meet with them?
He can demand whatever he wants. But only the judge can order it.