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Can i apply for my citizenship with DUI in my records?
Hi everyone, I got a DUI last april and i have paid the fine , taken all the requirements and done with probation 6 months probation periods. Its my first DUI. Can go ahead and apply for my citizenship ? Thanks.
You should not apply for citizenship (form n-400) without having your record reviewed by an attorney beforehand, given...
What are the consequences in Nebraska for DUI and what is the best way to go about defending.
My brother was in an accident and is being charged with a DUI
Your brother needs and experienced DUI attorney and should not talk to the police without the advice of an attorney....
If I have pending charges in Nebraska, can the Dmv revoke my driving privileges indefinitely until I clear up the warrant?
I was charged with a dui in 2009 in Nebraska, I went to work in Alaska and turned myself in to serve my jail time up there. So I missed the court date in Nebraska, so how can they take away my driving privileges for life, or until I come back there and clear up the warrant. That is totally unconstitutional it is a warrant not a matter for the Nebraska DMV, Please help!
If you never appeared in court there, you'll have to go to Nebraska or hire a Nebraska attorney to go for you (so long...
In Nebraska can I get a DUI through the courts if my feet are on the ground with the hood up in a inoperable vehicle.
My wife was driving down a dirt road with me as the passenger. We stopped so I could use the bathroom. My wife shut off the car. I got back in the passenger seat and she turned the key over and it would not start clicking noise meaning bad connection or other signs. So we get out pop the trunk and the hood. Wife gets cold while helping me It was 8 degrees out so I had her sit in the passengers seat and grab take my phone out of the glove box and call for help and get someone to help us. five minutes goes by and im outside of the car still troubleshooting it and see a vehicle turn the corner and come my way. Its dark out so I lean inside the car with my feet on the dirt road hunched over the seat to push the hazard flashers so the car can see us. during that time the vehicle with just his headlights on was behind us no cherries no nothing. I approached the vehicle thinking it was our help. I approached his vehicle asking for help It kinda shocked me it was a cop the first thing he asked if I was drinking. I go Yes but im not driving My wife is. He says that's why she is in the passenger seat ya she is cold. he said to blow or I go to jail Miranda rights not offered car inoperable
As the former DUI prosecutor in Dawson County, I have some insight in this area. If there is no evidence that you are...
I want to know if I have a record for MIP in Nebraska that should have been wiped from my record
I was underage drinking in 2000,in Nebraska., in order to avoid MIP I took diversion and did community service as well as take a one day class.. It was to never appear on my record. How do I find out if it was indeed wiped from my record?
You can look for your record on You need a credit card and it...
Should i try to plea bargain or get a lawyer?!
I got a dui about 4 weeks ago here in nebraska. Just got notified on the 10th my license was revoked on the 8th. I have no license and need to drive. I was told by a legal friend to try and plea bargain with the da on monday.
Maybe it's done differently in Nebraska but I'd be surprised if the da will negotiate with you. Get an attorney.
What should I do?
Saturday Jan 16th I got charged with a DUI, negligent driving, & driving under suspension. The kicker, I wasn't the driver. I was in the back seat. They took me charged me, even after the 4 people I was with told the police I wasn't driving that the only female was. Still proceeded to take me to detox, but not til then did they tell me that I was being charged with the charges I've mentioned & then read me my rights. Stayed in there from 3-9 or 10 until my sister came & got me. I have a statement from the woman driver cuz her & I work together.
Contact a local DUI lawyer immediately for a free consultation.