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What do I do if I live in California, and got a DWI in Missouri when I was visiting a friend??
Got a DWI arrest while visiting a friend in Missouri. I live in California. I have no plans on going back to Missouri, but want to take care of all the legal things, fees, and fines for this DWI.
I'll states have a reciprocity agreement such that you can't run and hide from that offense today. Hire an attorney in...
Will someone I know go to jail for probation violation?
Someone I know got arrested for a dwi. Was charged for a class b misd. And sentence was suspended and put on two year supervised probation. During those court dates the person was caught driving on a suspended license but before they were put on probation. After they were put on probation they got arrested for a warrant for a failure to appear to their first court date for the driving on a suspended license. They bonded out. What is the likely outcome ?
Conditions of probation usually state that it's a violation of probation if defendant gets arrested, charged, or...
Can I get a driving while suspended off my record?
Got a dwi that I was never charged with in 2011. So I got a driving while suspended because of this.
I'm not sure I understand what you are saying happened, but if you mean that you recently received a ticket for Driving...
What does VR mean on a probation violation
5 year probation, they said they found drugs on her
Guess is violation revocation.............................
What r guidlines for dfs drug testing case been open for 3 months n every test negative so far .today is 3rd test
Testing day n a row this is getting ridiculious i feel like they dragout case as long as possible n wondering what legally they can do if quit complying
What can they do? Department of social services? Is this a dispute with children? If so, the following apply:...
If you have been ticketed with a DWI in Missouri a year ago but no charges have ever been filed how long is the statue of limita
How long is the statue of limitations that official charges can be filed in the State of Missouri after you have received a DWI ticket?
As with many things, it depends. A year for a misdemeanor DWI. Longer for a felony.
I was convicted of a dwi in 2013. how can I become eligible to enter Canada to go on a fishing trip with my family
pulled over at a dwi checkpoint and was given a breathalayser test which I failed. eventually pleaded guility to that offense
It is not easy..In order to enter Canada with a DUI conviction on your records, you will either need to be deemed “...