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I may or may not have a warrent in Texas and idk how to find out ? I want to get my Driver License in Colorado
I just paid off my dl in texas to finally get it back reinstated because it had been suspended for a while now and now that its all paid off i can get my Dl. I am from Texas and might have a warrent for assault. I want to get my Dl but if i do have a warrent want to get this paid off before going to the DMV. What do I do?
Judges issue warrants. Just call the clerk of the court where you think you may be suspected of the assault....
What am I to expect when appearing in court for shoplifting items worth $130 but I hav no criminal record And 1st offensive?
So I was caught taking items from sephora and it was first offense, and I have court in the morning. What consequences am I facing if my record is clean and this is my 1st offense?
This is a criminal defense question, not a DUI related question. I"ll repost this under criminal .
I just recently had a DMV Hearing and I won the case, what is the next step after I won the hearing?
I had my hearing a few days ago, I won the case of the hearing, they told me I would receive a fax but I haven't received anything yet. Do I wait for more time or do I go the DMV?
Assuming that you are referring to an Express Consent Hearing stemming from a DUI arrest, you should be able to receive...
I have traffic DUI and received probation and I stopped going. If I GO to FAMILY Court,would I BE arrested?
I have received probation for traffic DUI. I stop reporting .would I BE arrested if I go to FAMILY Court?
My experience is that folks with active warrants get arrested when they appear in court, even for unrelated matters.
I got a dwi and now i owe 9000 dollars restitution. What are my options?
I'm a new Mexico resident and i missed court, but received a letter in the mail concerning my restitution what do i do
Typically restitution when you injure a person or property
Is there a way to get SR-22 insurance removed from an old DUI
In 2007 I was pulled over and blew a .082 BAC and was charged with a DUI I was very Cooperative with the cops they did not tow my car and by the time I got to detox the detox officers never even took me in and told me to call a friend to pick me up when I went to see the judge she threw me in jail for 30 days, which from what I'm told is unheard of even the DA was shocked that I got that much jail time for a no accident .082 DUI, I've already done the level 2 alcohol classes and then now I'm looking at getting my license back it has been 10 years since this DUI and didn't know if I could get the required three-year SR-22 insurance coverage reduced or removed at the cost of this is just as much if not more than Auto Insurance
Go see a local ticket attorney and see what they can do to help you out.
What are some of the possible outcomes for a second probation violation on a DUI probation charge in Colorado?
I got put on probation about 2 years ago after my DUI and violated once already for not finishing community service. I completed everything else on time The judge gave me an extension but due to the circumstances in my life I have found myself in violation of probation again. I was seriously assaulted and spent months in the hospital and it left me with a serious brain injury. I am really struggling to finish out this last year due to anxiety attacks, missed appointments and severe avoidance issues. I have a hard time even leaving the house to do anything let alone take UA's. My cognitive functioning is severely affected but Im trying and my po knows this. But I still am not doing my UA's and I take responsibility. Is there a chance of getting treatment in lieu of jail time? Can I explain to the judge my circumstances or does that look like Im trying to make an excuse? I know it will be almost like giving the judge the finger when I go back up after he's given me so many chances but I am struggling and the pressure is too much for me right now. I was facing 1 year originally max. Thank you for your help.
It would be a good idea to work with an attorney. You will want to explain to the judge the reasons for your...