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  • Maine governor jokes about shooting newspaper cartoo...

    Jun 25, 2015 | via 

    Maine Gov. Paul LePage said Wednesday that he'd like to shoot the cartoonist for the Bangor Daily News, a joke that fell flat in light of the January shooting that killed five Charlie Hebdo employees. Republican Gov. Paul LePage delivers his inauguration address after taking the oath of office for his second term, Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2015, at the Augusta Civic Center in Augusta, Maine.


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My husband died 9/3/13 from a fall. He was legally intoxicated. Life insurance didn't pay pay, is it worth using to collect?
It was a $300,000 policy offer by one of our credit cards. I didn't know he was an alcoholic when I took this accident policy. Now they say it's excluded because of his intoxication. This all assumes that it hasn't been too long to try. I got the policy because I am already disabled and getting worse.
$300k, I certainly think it was worth my time to try to fight it.
How would I go about having my OUI in Maine taken off my record
How would I go about having my OUI in Maine taken off my record? It's been over 2 years. (If you look at all the facts I wasn't even driving I took the blame) I went back to school. I received 2 degrees now I have a great job in an environmental lab. (Mind you I'm honestly telling you I never drove and this was my first arrest ever) I would like to travel to Canada next summer but I'm not allowed with this.
99% of the time, the facts of your case do not matter after you are found or plead guilty. The only time the facts...
I have a felony OUI (3rd offense) hanging over me. How long does the DA have to indict me (its been 3 months). Will the DA deal
I believe I could supply the DA (Kennebec) with some information unrelated to my case. These would be drug related. I know of one specific individual that could more than likely lead the DA towards narcotics dealers. He has stolen property (tools $1000 worth) from me and I have the proof. I am hoping to use this before I have him arrested. I know for a fact he smokes pot, I strongly suspect he also does heroin. He actually has pointed out a "dealers" house to me.
Statute of limitations for a felony DUI in Maine is 3 to 6 years. I'm not sure what the drug sales case has to do with...
I have 2 oas charges with an oui and am facing a third oas now what are the penaltys in Maine?
I have 2 prior oas charges with an oui with one of them
Your question poses significant concerns for which you will need an Attorney to represent you on. The significant...
Why was I issued a conditional license (i.e zero tolerance) when my infraction occurred in 1994?
Arrested for suspicion of O.U.I in 1994. I had a plea bargain arrangement with the D.A to serve 7 days in jail and pay a fine of $500 and there would be no further consequences. When I moved back to Maine I then had to pay a $50 dollar reinstatement fee (which I did) and then received a letter from the Secretary of State saying I was zero tolerance until April 2022. At the time of my case I lived in Georgia so I had no need to reinstate my license in Maine at that time so I did not. Now I have to wait 10 more years from my reinstatement in 2012 to be considered not zero tolerance? In essence a 28 year conditional license since I drove on my out of state license in Maine every summer.
Because you waited to pay the reinstatement fee. If you got caught driving in Maine prior to paying the restoration fee...
If i am a minor charged with transporting alcohol will I lose my licence?
While driving home I was pulled over and my car was searched. I had two Smirnoff bottles which were confiscated I was charged on the spot with transporting alcohol by a minor.
You are certainly exposed to suspension. It is not the charge which determines it, but the outcome. It is in your...
If you take a breath test and pass and then refuse a drug urine test is that the same as a refusal in Maine
Took a breath test and passed later at police station I was asked to take a urine test at which time I asked I was required to take it and I asked a couple of other questions at that point the officer walked out said too late. Does this mean I refused it?
They will probably say that you refused. You should get an attorney if you were charged with a DUI offense.