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I was arrested for DUI/failure to maintain lane. What are my next steps?
After work on one day in Feb., I had two drinks at a restaurant. When I was headed home, my back tire blew out. I couldn't control my car. According to witnesses, the tire started smoking and blew right of underneath the car. We were on a bridge. I flipped the car. A witness helped me out. The police came. I had the sobriety/breathalyzer test. He arrested me but didn't send me to jail. Told me to say that I had an injury in order to avoid jail time. I did. They took my blood at the hospital. He took my license and told me court was on May 11 for DUI and Failure to Maintain Lane. However, when all my papers were given to me at discharge, the tickets weren't there. It is now April, I have my license- my court date is not in the system at the courthouse. What's my next move?
No citations and you still have your license? Do you know if there is an incident report? Unfortunately ignoring what...
On 10 year probation for drugs, arrested for DUI, overdosed admitted to hospital, diagnosed bi polar & put on medication.
week after hospital admitted self to rehab, went to court appearence 3 days before New Years, still in richmond county jail with probation hold from green county ,Ga. rehab almost 3 months when arrested. Mother also bi polar. She has 5 year severely autistic son, separated from husband. I no longer have the money to hire attorney, her court appointed attorney has done nothing. Any chance getting her out of jail {she's been in there over a month} and being allowed to finnish probation? Her Mother
Sorry to hear about all this. What a mess. I am not licensed to practice law in Georgia. However, regardless, it is...
Is there a DUI plea bargain(lessor conviction) the Army will not pursue discharge? (i.e. less than Wet Reckless)
A soldier has 14 Years in service, E-6. With only 5 years left of his military career, he is arrested for DUI (State of Georgia). Attorneys are seeking a lessor conviction that will allow him to complete his career and avoid discharge, assuming a reduction to Wet/Reckless will still be considered a DUI conviction. Is there any other plea bargain the Army will not pursue discharge? This is 1st offense.
It seems you already have an attorney. Have you addressed this concern with them?
What does the, W/3 HOURS OR MORE, mean in my charge listed "ALCOHOL CONCENT .08G OR MORE W/3HRS OR MORE"? Thanks
I was just curious why some DUI's from the same night were listed as just DUI, and mine was ALCOHOL CONCENT .08G OR MORE W/3HRS OR MORE... Does this mean 3 hours after the first Breathe test? or within 3 hours? if the latter, why even say within 3 hours?
Under Georgia Code 49-6-391(a)(5) you can be guilty of DUI if your alcohol concentration is over 0.08 grams within...
Dui over 7 yrs ago no record if dui school, state needs it to get license reinstated NOW????
dui 7 yrs ago...probation revoked 4yrs later when i get arrested for driving on suspension/paid dui fines/ dropped no susp./ no further charges at all since dui(8/2007). Went to get drivers license renewed- state says i need Risk reduction cert....did that already, dui school doesnt keep records for over 5yrs. Sentinel probation had my certificate, yet my probation was revoked ! (they dont know anything of course, sentinel). dont want to pay for dui school again...i did dui school when i first got my dui and had permit until i was pulled over 4 yrs later....(i just quit going to probation after i paid fines,,,,had to pay all over again:))thats why i was revoked...judge told me to "go get my license and not worry about it" .who do i talk to at the courts to get this resolved? w/w/w? thank
You're going to have to go back to DUI school, again. It pays to keep records of your own.
How should I explain my case to an employer?
I was charged with a DUI November 2012 in GA. It was reduced to reckless. I know that my lawyer said the Dui would stay as the charge. But when I recently applied for a job, they asked to explain any conviction in full. I said reckless driving, but in person explained the reduction before they requested a background check. I haven't heard back from them after I was originally hired, and it could just be taking longer, but I'm worried I should have disclosed the dui in the application too, or if disclosing it verbally is okay. What do you think?
I think that unless they ask you for more information or fire you that you should keep your mouth shut. It doesn't...
I got my first DUI in GA in 09 and my second in SC in 12. Do i go by GA or SC guidelines to get my DL back?its a GA DL
both dui's were below .10 bac im a little confused bc i just read that GA has a min 3 year suspension for second DUI. I went to court in SC and they sent paperwork to the GA DMV to suspend my licence. i was told that my suspension would only be for one year. i have not gotten it back yet. what exactly would i have to do to get it back? Is it possible to have only a one year suspension since my licence is out of GA and the second dui was in SC
Georgia will impose the same suspension whether your license is a GA license or SC license. GA will suspend your...