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Why the breathalyzer, field sobriety AND blood test (BAC)? Isn't that a little excessive? (Georgia)
Taking a friend to his car and slowing to a creep to be sure to park next to the right vehicle when a cop whipped around behind me accusing me of full stop in the roadway. I explained I had no intention of fully stopping and was about to park. Having nothing to hide and not feeling more than a bit relaxed, I agreed to a breathalyzer (I think I blew a .09 or maybe a .1, he never told me). Then he had me do field sobriety. I did it nearly perfect. Then he had my blood drawn. The nurse said "this is for BAC only." I'm not buying it. If illegal drugs are found in my system can I be charged more harshly? Also why three tests?
What you describe is the norm for DUI investigations. They will be testing your blood for alcohol and drugs. You should...
Driving with suspension want me to put a interlock on my car Y DUI years ago took all classes
Got a waiver haven't heard from the judge to sign it
Thanks for sharing your story good luck and hope it gets signed soon.
I violated my curfew one time
I'm a drc program we have 2 piss test a week and a 7:00pm curfew
Did you have a question that you forgot to ask?
How long can a dui be held as a prior bad act against the offenders
Impairing my ability to obtain a job
Forever, as there is no time limit for prior bad act evidence.
Can I file an ex parte order in a family court matter of visitation after an over 15 th drug test has been ordered.
The CP was charged, plead guilty, and sentenced for false imprisonment, conspiracy to commit rape, & sexual battery. Only recv'd 11 years probation. GAL in fam. Case testified on dad's crim. Case. His parents have had temporary physical cust. OF 14 girl, yet she resides with dad. 14 yo wants to see NCP mom. GAL orders hair folicle again b/c 14yo told her she wants to be able to see mom and sis. Court ordered drug test was emailed to mom who didn't check email until 2 days after test was to take place. In the past, GAL insisted on same lab to take test. NCP can't choise place? What are mom's rights and next step. She will prob be in contempt. This has gone on for2 1/2 yrs. Mom was primary care giver all of child's life up until the criminal charges were established.
There is absolutely no reason for this processing to be ex parte, so no to your question.
What's the statue of limitions on DUI
My husband lost his license due to DUI's in 2000. In 2001 he was sentenced to 14 years in prison for assault. We are trying to find out how to obtain his license. If he still has to take the classes or where we go from here.
He likely has to take alcohol / drug class, 40 hours community service, and complete the other requirements of his...
Im on federal probation for second degree arson. I failed my drug test. The put me in a daily reporting center for drug classes
I been clean the whole time I was in there. Then all of the sudden they said I failed for weed. I havent smoked in 20 years. They started me over. What can I do. There r also more drugs there then on the street.
You can get a hair follicle test conducted to prove that you have not been using. These tests go back 90-120 days....