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If your breathlyzer in your vehicle does not forward readings to DMV, can they suspended your license?
My husband received a second offense DUI in February of 2014 and are required to have a breathlyzer installed in vehicle. The truck the device is currently installed in is no longer running and has not been since November of 2016. He has not been driving since then. However, since no reading has been recorded, is it possible for DMV to suspend your license.
The law is to have it on any vehicle he drives. If he does not drive what can they do.
My son is a drunk and violent to me, how can .I stop him, I called the police., forced me to co-sign for his apartment 10 mo.,pa
My son is violent drunk ,attacked me, I am his Mother. He has also stolen my credit cards and taken large amounts of money. He forced me to cosign for an apartment for 10 months and never paid his rent $1,005.00 per mo, Late fees plus eviction notices jacked up the monthly amount. I paid every month of rent ;he lived in it while I paid. While he hide his money to pay his late bills JAN 26TH, 2017 HE has BE IN EVICTED .FEB 7TH 2017 and he is not paying that month either. I was told about the legal rights of a co-signer by the assistant manager but now denies. If a tenant looses his job and can not pay the rent I was told I could ask for the keys and would not have to pay for the remainder of the lease or if the renter refused to not pay his rent I could do the same and take his keys and have him leave. Now the Manager said her assistant knows nothing. And the assistant finally made a copy of my co-signers page for me to read in Jan the 26, 9 month of his lease. .The manager told me since April 2016 it was illegal to give me a copy of my own , Is this legal. How do like I GET MY SON TO PAY ME BACK
Best bet is to get him help for his drug problem
Should I contact my po officer?
I applied for conditional discharged after being arrested for pot in a car accident(not my fault). I went through a year of conditional discharge and passed the drug tests given. However 1 month before the ending period I was charged for possession & underage drinking(pot in the area). I hired a public defender and believe I can get out of these charges. However I am worried about if I can't. Should I contact my po officer even tho I would not be able to perform a drug test? Or should I contact her a month from now when I can pass a drug test.
Best to ask your lawyer that handled your original charge as we don't know the conditions of your probation. Most CD's...
What type of lawyer would I need if someone is suing me for a accident
Just received papers for DMV stating that my driving privileges have been suspended due to an accident that happened in 2011
Your question is unclear. If your fighting a suspension get a traffic ticket lawyer who does MVC hearings. If your...
What are my penalties and possible charges?
I was caught sometime last year with a small bag of marijuana on my persons. It was a small $10 bag, the charges where downgraded to a local ordinance violation I never went back to get it exponged from my record. I was driving home from work the other day and a cop pulled me over and stated that I made no traffic offense but his "automatic" plate scanner picked up that my moms drivers license was suspended. He asked for my credentials and I gave it to him. He came back and asked me to step out of the vehicle because I had a $500 traffic warrant for my arrest, he also stated he smelled marijuana in the car. 2 nights prior I stepped out to my vehicle and smoked a joint and forgot I put it back In the wrapper and left it in the car (I am guessing that was what he smelled. He asked if he could search the car and I told him yes. He found the wapper I had a small joint in with very little marijuana in it and he arrested me for possession and the warrant that I had. Can someone please help me with this case as to I have 3 kids and I am the sole provider for my family of 5 and I can't afford to lose my license or have a criminal conviction.
Can an officer justify pulling over a man because a woman owner of a car had a suspended license? Get aq lawyer you may...
Will a DUI in the State of New Jersey show on an FBI criminal background check?
I was pulled over and ticketed for "Faliure to maintain the lane" and a "misdemeanor DUI" in 2003. The failure to maintain lane was dropped, the DUI I paid a fine, 180 days loss of license, and took a class in my home state of Delaware. I was never fingerprinted. New Jersey law (from what I understand) states that the DUI cannot be expunged because they do not expunged traffic violations. Will this show up on an FBI report? I will order an FBI report anyway just have a look but I would like find out ahead of time. Thank You
Something is not right about this. New Jersey does not have a misdemeanor DWI. So the promise of your question is...
Was arrested for dui but was not finger printed can i say that was not me
Aressted for dui but wadnt finger printed can i say it wasnt me.
You can say whatever you want. The cop will likely ID you. DWI is not criminal in NJ. If there is a video not good....