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Hello Misdemeanor dui warrant from Texas ...reentering Tijuana possible problems?
Hello, I have a misdemeanor dui /fta warrant from 2010 in Texas. I have been pulled over in Wyoming and Wisconsin without extradition. I want to do a baja surf trip. Will I have any problems reentering USA at Tijuana? I am a US citizen . Thank you
Do so at your own risk. Why not just turn yourself in, get bonded, and deal with the problem?
What will the consequences be for my daughter who recently received a MIP while on probation for a DUI
She received the DUI at age 17. She is now almost 20 and attends the University of Wyoming. She received the MIP outside a local establishment in Laramie, WY. She said the officer did not "test" her for alcohol, just smelled her breath. Unfortunately, she didn't tell us about the MIP till after she plead guilty last month.
If she got it before officially being convicted then there is no problem. If she got it after they could put her full...
When you are required to get random drug and alcohol testing for a DUI are they urine tests or are they breath tests?
There hasn't been a court date set, I plead not guilty waiting for a public defender to get into contact with me. I have never been in trouble before.
You need to speak to your attorney. Each case is different........
How do you know if your getting a UA or a BA?
I got arrested for a DWI for the first time and have not ever been in trouble for anything but a traffic ticket, I was told I needed to go and get signed up for random drug and alcohol testing. Does it just depend on the day or when you go to test if they are doing a Urine or breath, I'm wondering because I always want to make sure I am ready to go to the bathroom. I was assigned a public defender and don't know what happens from there
A breath test is worthless in this instance. Alcohol only stays in your system for a short time and begins to weaken...
How do I clear up a fta for dui in Louisiana that I got 14yrs ago?
Was in the military stationed in New Orleans when I was arrested for a dui. I paid my way out of jail that night after 1hr and never went to court. I've been living in Wyoming ever since and haven't got a dui since. I've had 3 driving without license but that's it. Last driving without license was 4yrs ago. Thanks for your help everyone
The DUI needs to be addressed in Louisiana. You need to contact an experienced DUI attorney who will handle the case...
How long does an administrative suspension for dui stay on your driving record in wyoming?
I was arrested for dui and my license was instantly suspended under the law of dui. The charges were dismissed and I never actually had my license suspended. However I can not get insured by my company's insurance because of this. Is there anything I can do to change my driving status with my employer's insurance?
I'm sorry to hear about your license suspension. You should contact a criminal defense attorney in Wyoming who can help you.
How likely is it that interference charges will be dropped if you asked the officer to buckle you up and he refused.
I was arrested for interference with a peace office, and before the officer drove off I asked if he could put my seat belt on for me. He told me it is only a couple of blocks away so I didn't need to worry about it. I told him I didn't feel safe, and he refused to speak to me and he then proceeded to drive me to jail without a seat belt on.
Not very likely at all! Contact a local criminal defense attorney.