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Help! My husband just notified me that he was taken to the police station and released after completing the field sobriety test (and 1 at police station)in AZ while on vacation driving his rental car from a baseball game. We live in Washington. He had a "reckless driving" ticket in 2004-nearly 10 yrs ago. What is going to happen to his license, etc here in Wa? Should I get an attorney? And if so, for which state?
You need to get an attorney in Arizona. You can talk to an attorney in Washington to find out how your license will be...
refusal to take breath test December 1, 2010, OUI, one prior DUI 1998
Anytime you have a one you can post mail and the court will issue court dates. That gets rid of the warrant....
I've been charged with 3 DUI's, one was dropped to a wreck less with BAC of .08, the other two I plead guilty to. I need it to continue my apprenticeship, and for college.
Ignition Interlock License?
My fiance was arrested friday night for a DUI. He was released on his own recognizance after an hour with the police, however he is scheduled to appear in court for areaignment. We have never been through this and I would like to know what the benifits are to having legal aid, or if it is even necessary since it is his first offense. Here are a few details: His breathalyzer was .268 & he was very cooperative- he admitted to drinking 2-3 beers before heading home from work. Also, he previously had a clean record. He is prepared to plead guilty because he feels that it would be a lie to say not guilty because he did drink & drive. But I have heard that he should plead not guilty and try to get the charge reduced. He doesn't want to do jail time & would be ok with EHM &/or interlock.
Plead not guilty and consult with an experienced DUI attorney ASAP. Most will give a free, initial consultation.
Pulled over originally for exhaust and was then told I was driving on a suspended license 2nd degree. I had been in Bismarck,ND for 2years and got a racing ticket from there and when I moved back to WA apparently ND notified them to suspended my license for thirty days and require I get sr22 before my license be reinstated. I called Bismarck (Burliegh county court) and they said all my fines are current and I don't owe anything. Tickets for exhaust and DWS 2 now court on Nov. 18th. Should I get a lawyer or is this something I can take care of myself? My record isn't the best at all, but besides the racing ticket in ND, I haven't had anything major in a couple years. Any tips/advice?
It would be wise to retain counsel because of the complexity of your driving history.
Arrested for DUI (second) and reckless driving. Bail was $15K. The judge added SCRAM. Cell phone went missing, called, complained, then received a ticket for no insurance (not true), speeding and crossing a double yellow. On SCRAM for over a year (over $5K), the DUI got dismissed but proceed with the reckless. Trial was 2 days after the 90 days speedy trial date and the cop was on vacation. After the DUI was dismissed, required to blow at the probation office (have interlock). Kept missing the day; back to jail and raised bail to $30K. During trial, attorney was high and unprepared. The juror’s took the remaining two hours of the day, came back with guilty 10 minutes after they started the next day. The judge made sure twice that appeal paperwork was in hand. Grounds for an appeal?
Oh of course. Can't believe they took your cellphone. Shame on them for not believing you have insurance. And that jury,...
I was stopped in a parking lot on my motorcycle after falling over (because of my feet). The police showed up and asked me to get off the bike. I have extremely deep foot ulcers on each foot. Part of my foot had to be removed 3 weeks after the arrest. The field sobriety test said I was wobbly and unbalanced. Can i get those test thrown out because of my medical condition. They also said that my eyes were watery and bloodshot, but I had been on my motorcycle for 10 hrs without goggles or eye protection.
While I don't think the problems with your feet are a sufficient basis to suppress the field sobriety tests (FSTs) ,...