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Can I get an alcohol evaluation done at the VA in Syracuse?
I am being sentenced on a misdemeanor DWI in Canastota, NY
This will depend on whether you qualify for the VA benefits. If you are asking if they have evaluation providers the...
Does a blood sample get sent to albany
i was given a blood test at upstate hospital in syracuse,ny on 1/26/2015 after a car accident. How long does it take to get the results back from albany, ny?
Labs can take a very long time to come back, particularly if your case routinely gets adjourned on consent. The People...
Getting dwi while no knowledge that you consumed alcohol
I was very sick with the flu my "EX" gave me a home remedy,I had mo knowledge it had alcohol in it .He is very abusing .He became high rate I left he called the cops said i was drunk.I got pulled over charged with dwi.I need some case law to present to the judge ,I have a court appointed lawyer an HE SAID HE DOESN'T HAVE TO DEFEND ME.I have no money an i was denied a new lawyer .I dont know what to do?
It's not one hundred percent on point, and I still suggest you get a lawyer and get rid of this court appointed...
How will a dui charge/license suspension in pennsylvania affect my New York drivers license?
As of August 7 my ability to drive in PA is suspended for 1 year. I refused blood test because NY does not administer them. I did however blow a .12!
If your driving privileges are suspended in PA, you may expect problems in NY as well. Figure out what you need to do...
My license got revoked 9 years ago i never did the ddp classes will i have to do them to get it back
i got a dwai
Yes. I don't think the requirement goes away just because a lot of time has gone by.
Can i keep my license if i refused the chemical test
was arrested after already out of car
You need an attorney to help you win the refusal hearing and then the criminal case. Don't wait...hire one soon. Good...
They give me on my court papers one year probation and they told after the year I dont get in trouble is be clear my dui?
They told me in one year is clear my dui it true o false
You facts are not clear to me but I think the information is wrong. Neither DUI (the misdemeanor) not DWAI (the traffic...